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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by ArTurf, Apr 20, 2014.

  1. ArTurf

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    When spraying I use dye on dormant turf to tell where I've sprayed but when the grass greens up I try to spray in the morning to see the lines in the dew but there are mornings where there is not much dew or it's not always possible to spray early. I have a foam marker but it has quit working recently. When it did work it was iffy at best, didn't really drop often enough and tricky getting the soap mix right. Mine came on my ZSpray which is an older model. I was wondering if they have improved it recently? I don't spray on an everyday basis like many of you do so maybe if I did I would be better at keeping track. I know this has been gone over countless times but what are some tricks you use to keep up with where you have sprayed?
  2. Ric

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    Foam Marker have got to be pretty simple to built or fix. U tube has a ridicules amount of stupid Foam videos. A simple fish bubbler and a bucket of soapy water is all it takes. I was going to build foam marker but I have so many irregular shaped lawns, it wouldn't help. In my case I am spraying Fire Ants. If I overlap I am not burning any grass. If I miss a strip it doesn't matter. Band Sprays are effective on fire ants however it takes longer to work. Band applications is a economic way to treat large areas of Fire Ants.
  3. ArTurf

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    Have you quit doing herbicide apps?
  4. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    Buy the bottle foam don't waste you time on soapy water that don't work like marking foam
  5. Ric

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    I back Pack herbicides because most of my yards are under 5K. If I had a buyer or a sharp employee I would give up L&O in a NYC second. Fire Ant Control has a Huge Profit but a Hard sell. Fire Control means huge advertising expense to develop a customer base big enough to make a full time living. Most Fire Ant Customer only want as needed service. Therefore at present time I use Fire Ant control as the icing on the L&O cake.

  6. ted putnam

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    We have measured and use tire tracks as our reference. We have done that since day one so we have become pretty good at it. We only apply herbicides, not liquid fert. If we were to apply liquid fert, I would feel we need to be more exact and would probably use a foam marker
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    The soap can gum them up and they don't work very well. You can try running hot water through it but I have had to take them apart and clean them.

    I have switched to fluid that is actually used on the ag side of things and it works awesome. It actually stays around too long sometimes. Only takes a few drops so a jug lasts forever.
  8. ArTurf

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    I've taken it apart and cleaned it, makes all the right noises but no foam. I may try the stuff made for marking.

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    I quit using a foam marker the ones I have used for a lawn type application don't seem to work that great all the time. I have used soap and regular products made for foam markers. They don't give you a steady reliable foam drop. Do a 20 acre plot and all those dots and some are missing you can get real lost. Now I just fallow my tracks. If you cant see them going forward look back than you can see them. I have less issue's just watching my tracks.
  10. kbrashears

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    I guess I am in the minority. I can't live without my foam marker. Short cut dormant Bermuda and you can't see tracks at all. Also true a lot of the time in Zoysia. When my marker quit on me, I had a week or so without one...and when I went back to those yards it was pretty obvious where I had missed because I couldn't see my tracks. Not to mention that if I was missing areas (small, but still...), I was probably over applying in other areas.

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