Getting Mohawks from my Exmark lazer z

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RSMProperty, May 5, 2011.

  1. nobagger

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    IDK, Its been a while since I used a larger Exmark. But if your trying to cut 8" of wet thick grass down to 3", thats might be the problem right there. Today was the first real day for mowing for us and we were cutting down serious cabbage at a few places, had to double cut most places. But the Gravely's cut right through it but our decks are set at 4" right now. No mowhawks or trails of any kind just a lot of soupy green mush. If I remember right, we used to have an Exmark Viking and it would leave a row of uncut grass when it was thick and tall.
  2. JDiepstra

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    Bam! This is what I think. You have buildup under your deck. Clean that thing out.
  3. RSMProperty

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    Well I'm embarrassed to admit that the mower deck, even with only 25 hours since last cleaning was the worst I had EVER seen it, took me a while to get it all cleaned out so I'm gonna give it a go tomorrow see if I get the Mohawk if not I'll be cleaning each night to keep from going through this, any tips on keeping deck clean abd clear of buildup
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    Whenever I see this it's due to grass buildup. Scrape it and never use gator blades. I use the mulching wavy blades on mine and it does a great job, the high lifts work too they just don't cut the clippings as small.
  5. Darryl G

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    I scrape my mower decks every evening before putting the mowers away...well I at least check them...sometimes they don't need it. Sometimes they get done between mows or even during mows if the grass is tall and wet and it starts spitting clumps. This time of year its been a daily thing. I find that when I'm running the Ultravac on my Lazer it rarely needs scraping.

    Some people spray the underside of their decks with products to reduce buildup. I never have.
  6. JoeKuhl

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    I was wondering about the same mohawk problem, except I have a bush hog ztr. We use High lift gator blades. They are razor sharp and the deck is completly free of grass buildup. The blades are balanced, and we are cutting the grass at a good height. Not taking to much off. The part that really confuses me is I expect it not to cut so good in southern Il typical yard of weeds, but this yard I'm referring to is 100% grass, and very well maintained. I hit a hidden stump (different yard) earlier in the year with it and busted off a blade, but I would think that if that were the problem the deck would vibrate or shake or something, but she runs nice and smooth. The spindles are greased very regular as well. All the info I can think of. Any suggestions?
  7. tacoma200

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    Depending on the grass conditions I have seen times when I needed to scrape the Exmark after every lawn or two. Ultra Cuts need to be watched closely, especially in the lush Spring grass, clover, crabgrass or any other type condition that will cause grass to clump or stick together. I have literally filled up a 5 gallon bucket of build up. This is especially true when the paint wears off the bottom. Ultra Cuts may require a little more scraping but leave a great cut when everything is right. (I only scrape my Turf Tigers a fraction as much).
  8. hackitdown

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    I get mohawks with my 52" UltraCut with Gator blades in the spring. So I use the Gators only for fall and early spring cleanups, then switch back to high-lifts for spring growth.
  9. RSMProperty

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    Mowed for 4 hours today in some nice thick grass...deck already needs cleaned, I kept the gator blades on and slowed down no Mohawks, but I'm switching blades tomorrow to see about speed
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  10. RSMProperty

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    I need to find less costly blades, got Exmark high lift notched this morning 16$/pc
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