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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by roeslandscaping, Feb 9, 2012.

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    Hey guys, i have searched over this website, and im 100% sure its been talked about, but i cant find it, but im wanting more work. Money is tight right now because of the lack of snow, but when i start mowing and landscaping again, i would like to pick up more work. Right now im in college but i have 3 weekdays and a saturday to get my work done. Im juggling 26 residential yards and a commercial. I have put 4 bids in this coming up season, but have heard nothing back. I feel like all the high school kids and the retired are taking all the work from us who do it for a living. They go to lowes, buy a mower, and mow a yard 20 dollars less than i do. I have since bought brand new equipment hopingn to "out preform" these ******s, but its not working much. Should i try advertisement other than signs on my truck and trailer? do i call around? Please help
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    You will want to do some flyer's or an add sometimes door-hangers work . I do not do much of those but i have been doing it for some time i have had luck with door hangers its all word of mouth. Try a tell a friend program get your customers working for you by having them get there friends and family on your list and give them a discount on there lawn or mulch for every new lawn they get you. also you need to be aggressive 4 bids is nothing my office can throw out 300 some bids a year you may only get 5 but hey its 5 more then you had. Don not be afraid to blind bid commercial building ether just stop in there office with bid in hand. dress the part nice logo polo shirt and dress paints read all you can on here know your stuff sell your work let them know how good you are show them photos of lawns you do all ready DON'T LOW BALL it will go along way,it may not take off rite away but you will see as the hear and see your name on these bids year after year they will know your not just some pop up company. That's just my 2 cents I'm sure there will be lots of guys on hear that can help.
    :weightlifter:go get sum good luck bud
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    I have been in the Lawn Care Business for 17 years. At first it was part time, and when it grew enough to support my wife and I, I sold my main business and now mow for 7 months in SE. Iowa and spend 5 months in Texas during the winter.
    I grew my business by paying attention to the job at hand. I made sure I painted a masterpiece everytime I mowed a property. I made sure I was on time every time, trimmed everytime, keep my decks level and blades sharp. I do not hesitate to do that "little extra" for no charge, or minimal charge if a customer has a special request. In the big picture those services done are priceless in the eyes of the customer, and the cheapest advertising I can do, because in the end, most of my additional properties came and still come in from referals from present customers. I am still mowing for those people I started with in 1995, and those I have picked up on the way.
    Don't take your customers forgranted, and it will happen. You cannot force customers to want what you offer but you can allow them to want what you do.
    Yes, I do put out a bid now and then, and when I do, it is presented on photo paper complete with pictures of properties we do that show our attention to detail when it comes to keeping curbs, foundations, obstacles trimmed and manicured. We are not the lowest priced, or we would probable get all the bids we submit, but we convey a message that says we can provide more for the dollar they spend, and if that trips their trigger, we are in for a long time.
  4. roeslandscaping

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    Thanks, im going to try door hangers, or even stop and talk if i see someone out. Last season, a guy was out raking straw out of a yard, and i desided to grab a rake and help, he let me do some painting around his house. Also, at the end of last year, i decided on dry or normal days, our crew is to wear our grey or green shirts, and khakis. On wet days they are to wear blue or black jeans. I know it gets hot, but appearence is alot.
  5. sehitchman

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    Hey, good luck with building your business. I just wanted to say, someone who mows in the Bristol Kingsport area does the best stripes I've seen in the South East. If that is you, keep up the good work and your business will grow just by the reputation of your work.
  6. roeslandscaping

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    Thanks for your input! This year, im going to spend more time paying attention to detail. I bought a new mower, new truck, trailer, ect. so i have the equipment. Im going to treat each lawn like it is my own. Hopefully that will help. When i bought my mower, i got 18 sets of blades, so i will hae no problem keeping them sharp lol. Do you do work in texas or just vacation?
  7. roeslandscaping

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    there are a lot of mowers in our area,however i do work in those areas. Mostly around the bristol country club. I have a few resis. in kingsport.
  8. Flex-Deck

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    I just vacation. We own a 66' 2 bedroom mobile home in Mission Tx that has $275 dollar per year taxes on it, and we live in a 40' travel trailer in Iowa in the summer where we mow, that has no property taxes, just a $90 license fee since we live in it more than 150 days. I park my mowers in a friends barn that is heated for the winter. We mow from early April to Oct 31, have about 230 acres/wk that takes us 4 days to mow with 4 machines + 1 machine that is a backup and used one of those days.
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    Advertising is one thing I'm currently struggling with. I've been trying to put fliers out and I will continue that method.

    It seems that millions of lawn care businesses have been popping up and I always see many guys pulling commercial lawn equipment every time I am driving around.

    It seems that a professional appearance is key to beat a lot of the competition driving around a truck with no name and a horrible looking trailer and dirty mower.

    I currently haul with a 1983 BMW 320I and honestly it may not be the most professional way to haul but just having my business name/logo/number and all on the doors and keeping everything clean seems to get the compliments of my current clients. Hopefully more will see me out and about and see that if I keep my stuff clean and looking professional that I will keep their lawn the same way.

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