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    Wanted to toss this out there...

    Haven't had a chance to search, . How do you keep moss growing, or take over a yard? Customer likes the no maintenance, but some spots of grass is showing.They don’t want grass.Past two seasons more has grown, but like mentioned patches etc.

    Some pics, TIA
    C4BF10A2-596B-48F4-9A5D-F89FC8AFF186.jpeg F91A8ACD-8073-443B-BDD5-1AC6FDBFE115.jpeg F82F7AF8-FA78-45DC-9FB6-E63E48549B7F.jpeg D7826232-E63E-401C-914D-E2F3D74F6DA3.jpeg 21712CDE-D169-4EB3-ABF4-179C237DCAAC.jpeg 41BC7C2B-DAEF-42F6-8408-040BBA25DE2C.jpeg
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    Moss likes shade and moisture usually does better in acidic soil but not necessary

    You can pull weeds or carefully string trim them flush eventually most die or stay small from trimming off all there leaves or blades
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    I love moss. I sprayed Ornamec on mine to kill the grass. It worked and did not harm the moss. I’ve also used Celsius for weeds without adversely affecting the moss.

    I’ve heard that glyphosate will not hurt the moss either (moss is avascular), but I haven’t tried it.

    It’s important to keep leaves and debris blown off of the moss. It thrives on neglect.
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    I just PM'd you with contact info for a colleague of mine who has been successful with moss gardens in NJ.
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