getting my back window lettered..

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by inzane, Aug 2, 2012.

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    What, and they didn't offer to do it the "right way" for you for an additional fee?

    That isn't really something that should be hard for a sign shop to recreate if they have even a mediocre artist on staff. Seems odd.

    As for the "see thru" graphic, I was considering that for my own truck, but after thinking about how hard it is to see thru ALREADY (think 3 layers of tinted windows - cab, front cap, and back cap window) I decided not to. Yours would likely not be as much of an issue, but I have heard the same about the water. Ice/frost too in the winter.
  2. inzane

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    yeah, its ashame.. because they are supposed to be really good. theres a few other LCO trucks they had done up that i see at JDL all the time.. theres another guy that is supposed to call me monday, from the same place.. and i think he might be more helpful. if not, guess i'll take my business elsewhere.. the "see thru" stuff might work out, if its a little cheaper.. might not be a bad idea to start out if i want to stay on a budget.. would ideally want something that lasts longer, and of course.. its gotta stand out.


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    can ne1 see it if you have a trailer hooked up?
  5. inzane

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    yeah, its still gonna be visible with trailer. would be concerned if i ever got a spray rig, so gonna go with the "one way" film.. so after a year or so when its worn out and ready to come off / be replaced.. mabee i'll have a small spray rig on that truck, and then.. (only have a chevy 1500 so spray rig may not be an option for me anyway) window might not be as visible.. so i think i got it figured out for now... around 150 bucks to have it done doesn't sound bad to me... they want to do a tint, so everything stands out really good.. mabee the color of the truck i think.

  6. inzane

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    it was $153.00 should last a year or so.. i look like a hack, but hell.. the name is on the truck, and it beats magnets. if i get a few more customers at the start of spring i plan to go around the truck with more lettering and what not so i don't look so much like a weekend warrior, which i pretty much am anyway.

    it looks better in person, except it was suggested to me to get the inside of the back window tinted so it could stand out more, gonna try that today, got a quote for $25 bucks to get the inside window tinted, so for that price.. its worth a shot, may get him to go around all the windows while he's at it.

    you for sure can not see crap out of this thing when its wet, that kinda sucks but guess i can get used to it. driving the trugreen truck back in the day i never had a view out the back window, and i think i'll be fine now too when it rains. :)

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    Looks pretty good. Why did you chose the white background? sorry if you already posted that somewhere in here I didnt look that close.
  8. inzane

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    i thought it may stand out better with white.. it was hard to decide. they had a greenish background at first that would have been great if my truck wasn't blue, they had a blueish/white background that didn't match my truck at one point. The printer co. was not to terribly helpful to be honest. it does stand out very well in the sun... hoping the window tint helps. i like it good enough, would look much better with more lettering around the truck.. will get there someday. :drinkup:

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    Too bad they didn't have a etched/frosted background. Still looks good.

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