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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by CRM Lawncare, Jun 16, 2004.

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    I missed our local yellow pages listings this year by a week. They run April to Marrch. I want to get my name out so that I can potentially be contacted for commerical bids. I have hit a large majority of the businesses in my town with an intro letter and a follow up visit. I plan to do the same again in Oct - Nov for next years bids. I work FT and have a baby at home so it doesn't allow for very much door to door selling. I am interested in tapping the businesses in the neighboring towns (only 5-10 minutes away) but don't have the time to do the door to door. Any magic suggestions/techniques to get in the door of these businesses in the surrounding towns.

    I am already doing flyers and service directory ads for my residential side. Hoping one of the bus. owners gets one personally and may open a few doors.


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    I know what you're going through, I just started this year also.
    I carry a clipboard with a pad of paper everywhere I go and if a commercial property looks unkept, I call them (or the property management). Landed 2 really nice (and large) accounts this way.
    I also made a list of all the real estate agents and home builders in the area and cold called them on a rain day. Just dropped of business cards and a brochure while I did a "temp check" on them. One builder hired me to cut some of his unsold properties and I now regulary cut his model home. He has also agreed to inform me of any homes he's building that are already sold so I can send a proposal to the new owner. He hydroseeds homes he builds that haven't sold yet. One real estate agent tipped me off to several condo assn's that aren't too happy with their current LCO and now I've meet with two of them and have my foot in the door to bid this fall.
    You've got to generate your own leads. Then follow up, follow up, follow up!

    Hope this helped give you some ideas.

    Good luck!

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