Getting New Clients before Spring

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by AugustaLandscaping1312, Jan 12, 2018.

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    I got to this part of your website and stopped

    lawn adds a since of pride to any homer owner,

    You really need someone to proof read this.
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    Man! That’s a whole lot of reading on your website. Felt like an eternity to get through it. Ever heard “a little less talk and a lot more action”? That’s what you need, on top of fixing the grammar mistakes. Just get to the point about your services/company. What you want is an appealing, memorable, and friendly site that will gain a “sense” of trust or comfort, that leads to an opportunity.

    Your website is the 1st impression the potential customer gets. Make it match who you are. Are you a professional, businessman, salesman handy man, etc.? Whatever you are, give that impression on your site.

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    Just relax until spring, it's very important. The work will be plentiful.
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    In my mind, integrity is a big part of this job. People are trusting you to work in their yards and not steal from them when they’re not home. Husbands are trusting you to not do or say anything inappropriate around their wives and children who are home when they’re not. Misrepresenting work that was done by others, stock photos or not, as your own, throws that integrity right out the window.

    And what is up with this? “Augusta Lawn Care and Maintenance, in association with Southern Roots Lawn Maintenance.” Who’s actually doing the work?
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    Hey! I own a Homer...

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    put a quoting widget on your website that lets your customers get a real-time quote for your services based on your prices and their property measurements if you allow them. Enable them to pay or not via the widget and even collect the lead data if they never opt to get a quote from you..

    That's how you grow your business...

    Start your free 14 day trial below, no CC needed. Have any questions, let me know.

    know your audience, home owners today (or yesterday) don't want to meet with a provider to get a quote, they want an instant one and the provider who can provide it the fastest, typically get their business.

    offer coupons, upsells and more via the platform...

    you can view a sample from a real live provider of PQ here:

    just click on instant quote.


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