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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by GroundUp, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. GroundUp

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    I know this would be a hard question to answer. But if you can try then thanks. Lets say i went door 2 door. 1500 houses with flyers. about how many customers could i exspect? also. should i knock on peoples door and actually talk to them? I thought this might be a good idea. cuz they will have to tell me "no im not interested" or "i already have someone."
  2. Adam3669

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    I usually figure about 2% will call at most, 1% you will actually get.
  3. rfed32

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    from Hatboro
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    i do it and this is what you gotta think....they will at least look at it b4 they throw it away...some will tose it some will keep it for later just in case and few will call but when its a nice day and nothing to do and it cost $20.00 to make 5000 flyers on your comp. who cares its worth a shot
  4. GroundUp

    GroundUp LawnSite Member
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    ok so. what about actually talking to people? does anybody do this?
  5. LawnLizzard

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    This is my first message to this forum.....I need help from anyone with good sound advice......I can't decide between buying a EXmark 36 inch, Hydro- Turf Tracker HP w/ floating deck,,,,,and a Snapper 36 inch Hydro, floating deck..both have the 15hp Kaw.Eng.............Most would lean towrard the EXmark..I will be using the mower myself and taking good care of it...Please comment on the mulching ability of each if you are familiar..........Thanks Dan
  6. paulge

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    Hey Groundup,

    You already know I am new to the green industry, but I have more than 30 years sales and marketing experience. My experience with talking to people door to door is not positive. The days of the door-to-door salesman are over. The main reason is most homes have two income earners and no one is home. The stay at home moms that are home will not answer the door. If you happen to catch them outside then by all means start a dialog but ringing the bell to solicit is not a good idea.

  7. GroundUp

    GroundUp LawnSite Member
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    very helpful paul. thank you
  8. RandyAndSons

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    Yes door to door just dont work any more in my area i have found the ad in the paper is the best way to get calls. Heres a good tip for you if you are just starting out, the best ad you could run is a small 3 line ad the smaller the better it seems to me that the smaller ads get the most calls for quick jobs because they think you are the cheapest just because the ad is small. But for more realiable people you will have to spend some cash on that ad
    any way just a few pointers. later good luck
  9. n2h20

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    hey randy and sons.. isnt grass valley near folsom a bit? like off the 80? click on my site and send em an email/.

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