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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jh88, Jul 29, 2003.

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    Ok i have a question. I haven't been in buissness long and have no commercial accounts. I want to get a nice mower and i have done researcher on different mowers. I have decided on an exmark. I have about 20 accounts. None are real big at all. Probably the biggest on eis close to 2 acres. But the others don't compare to it. I want to know from all you exmark users what the best mower would be for my accounts. And what mowers u have and if u like them.
  2. jh88

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    WHich engine does everyone prefer kohler or kawasaki.
  3. Moguy

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    Hard to say what Exmark you should buy because there are many issues involved. Largest one being 2 acres, what sq ft are the others? Obstacles? what do you plan on using to haul the mower? walkbehind or ztr? what will make you the most productive to do each job in a reasonable amount of time? As far as kohler or kaw, you will get a lot of negative and positive response with individual preferences from a lot of people here. I would ask the dealer you do buy the mower from about what engine they service the most, carry parts for etc. I'd do a search and compare that to what your dealer has to say and make the best decision on your own and what works best for you.
    Best of Luck
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    I prefer my TTHP 36", just like the one that Elephant posted. Great all around mower.

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