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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by lsu03, Mar 5, 2008.

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    this past weekend some neighbor friends on the other side of my neighborhood asked me to help with some garden work so i did. the wife joked to the husband that he was getting old(mid 50s) and they would have to hire me. another guy today(ex-vice principal, funny guy) was complaining about his landscaping and lawn service so i said, "i can help". and he sounded very realistic about me helping. the first lawn, the people would let me use their jd rider, the second would only require a 21", and the first people i mentioned also suggested mowing their neighbor's house, who is almost never home. so i have 3 pretty serious offers.

    any advice?

    ps. i'm only 15, almost 16.
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    well i say take the jobs. im the same age as you and trust me, this year will be rough. my suggestion is take the jobs and if there far from you house try and get maybe 2-3 more jobs close to it to make the trip worth it. make sure that you have a set price that both you and you customer agree on. from experience at this age some people will try and take advantage of your services.

    hope this helps and feel free to PM me with anymore questions.
  3. lsu03

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  4. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Make sure you price your services right, despite your friendships with these folks. You can give them just a little break, but don't throw the wash out with the washwater.
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    do it i cut my way thru high school and all ways had money to play
  6. IMAGE

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    I would not feel comfortable using thier equipment.

    Can you get your own mower? Maybe you can find a good used WB that will work for both yards.
  7. lsu03

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    i am looking at some 36"/48" wbs on an online auction site.

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