Getting old and back problems suck!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by nobagger, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. nobagger

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    I injured my back way back in Feb. of 08 lifting a stupid 80lb bag of salt at 230am and ever since then its not been quite right. During a spring clean up, while edging my back went out again leaving me on the ground not being able to breathe right for a while. The next time (a few weeks ago) I threw my hip out causing lower back and bad leg pain, It finally felt good unitl Sat morning. We had a patio poured and they showed up at 645am and the dog was going nuts and I ran down stairs to see what the heck was going on and when I got to the last step my body twisted but my foot stayed planted and you guessed it, threw my hip out again. We did some pruning that day and now I'm barley able to walk with severe left leg pain. Ive been to my chiropractor probably 20 times in the last month or two now he thinks I might have a disc problem. For you younger guys....Lift and work smarter not harder NO lifting and twisting (thats what did me in this past winter), stretch every day before going out for 10 minutes, dont make things so heavy you need 3 guys to lift it into your truck, make it lighter and take an extra trip or to to load something up, just common sense things that sometimes we all forget. Luckily we employee 3 people so things are still getting done but last year I would have been screwed big time not being able to mow, something for solo guys to think about! Stay healthy, I'm off to the radiologist for x-rays and back to my chiropractor again.
  2. AJ Lawnscapes

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    Sorry to hear that bro.

    I wouldn't bother with the Chiropractor at this point. You need to go see a back specialist and/or a Nerve Specialist.

    You definately describe a herniated disc, and with your hip giving out, it's not strong like it should be.

    Go see a real doctor.

  3. Carolina Cuts

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    how old are ya?
  4. MJB

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    Been there for yrs chiropractor and back problems . I found that if you want some very cheap and safe product you can buy at your feedstore that will relieve the spasms and inflamation. Now don't laugh but I know people who have used this for 20 yrs and swear by it. At the feed store where the horse medicine is look for a small plastic containor of MSM make sure it is pure msm 100%. Red lable. Get some tomatoe juice about a 1/2 cup put in 1 teaspoon every morning upon rising and you will forget your back problems for a few hrs. Try it for a few weeks costs about $10 taste like crap but the tomatoe juice helps. Do a search on the internet people use it pain and sell the same stuff for more money. I talked to the feedstore and told them my horse was sick and smiled when I said that, he laughed an said hardly anyone buys it for there horses anymore but he sure sells a lot of it.
  5. robertsturf

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    No Bagger I have almost the same issue. I am 50 and 6'4" when I gain weight in by stomache it adds pressure to my lower back. So during the summer as I lose weight it goes away. I do have a disc issue in my lower back too. When I trim smaller shrubs it really bothers me so I wear a back brace that really helps . Getting old sucks!!!
  6. larryinalabama

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    Get a inversion table it will help you as much or more than a Chiropractor. There are some on ebay for around 200$.
  7. grasswhacker

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    Try doing back strengthening exercises. Go slow at first, then work your way up to using dumbbells.
    I used to have some lower and upper back aches and pains, but after working out for sometime now, I have no back pain, except temporarily if I use too much weight.
    We also went from a regular mattress to a Simmons Air mattress and it really helped. Their not expensive either.
    You also may want to get one of those oversize gym balls to do some abdominal crunches without hurting your back. It all comes down to strengthening your core.
  8. grasswhacker

    grasswhacker LawnSite Gold Member
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    We just bought one of those @ Sam's for under 60.00
    It's a good one and they were clearing it out.
  9. larryinalabama

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    They help alot if you can hang upside down for 5 minutes at a time.
  10. grasswhacker

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    Yes. Keeps the spine from compression or decompressing.
    I do some ab crunches, then relax for a few minutes when I have time.

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