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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by jdeer, Nov 6, 2006.

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    Soooo right from the first purchase of equipment and anything else is a good idea to record? I guess it would be a good idea to buy the software.. I forget which one the guys were talkign about with taxes and what not but.. ya that would be a good thing to buy and keep track of things? I don't know anything about taxes yet, soo I'm guessing that will guide me step by step with a few tihngs to get started.... I still have a ton of questions to go.. everyone is a great help
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    Did you have a question? I couldn't really gather what you were getting at from that post...
  3. jdeer

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    sorry i was kinda just writing what i was thinking.. didnt really make much sense.

    Will gopher help me organize everything to do with owning and running a landscaping co.? I feel like there is so many thing to do and keep track of.. I'm just trying to figure out what/were a good starting point is.
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    Yes, keep track of ALL expenses. Keep receipts. I am going through all this stuff for the first time so I will share a little of what I have learned.

    You will need an expense report. You could make one manually or if you get some business software you can use that...the latter being the easier approach. If you show a loss, you still need to file. Gas....keep track of mileage. I have been demo-ing the Gopher software and actually just did an expense report for this year up to today's date. Very helpful. My ADHD is kicking in right now ;) and I am getting off track. Maybe I'll think of more later.
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    No prob jdeer...yea I use Gopher and it does help with the everything...I kinda use it as a customer database and I use QUICKBOOKS for all my finances...the 2 complement eachother nicely. It is well worth will find lawn care software ranging from $20 to $2000...I have the plus edition of GOPHER and for a few hundred it is fine for what we do. Keep all your receipts AND enter them into QUICKBOOKS because most gas station receipts will FADE by tax time...the ink will just disapear over time. Anything you use for the business can be written off (get an accountant for best advise) Most importantly keep track of EVERYONE who calls you...get their name, number, address, how they heard of you etc...and if you don't get their business at the time of the estimate you can follow up with them in a week or so, or next year...keep building that database of clients. Also get their email address if possible. Good Luck!
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    I just downloaded a demo version of gopher.. WOW it is amazing!!! I just kinda inputed some ghost information and went through the motions... its awesome! very helpful and organized... two great replies by the way!! I'm so glad I found this website. I only wish I could offer some advice for you guys! Well thanks...


    What's the usual landscaping season?? Roughly
    And when should I prepare for advertising on spring clean up?
  7. Ric3077

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    Well I am in Missouri and I think we pretty much have the same weather as Ohio...I start cutting around late March early April depending on the temperatures...Cleanups can start as early as early March again depends on how long the Winter thing to do is get your flyers ready in January so you are ready as soon as it starts getting warmer. Don't put out flyers too early as people will loose them, you can't expect them to save the flyer for 2-3 months...I usually start marketing early March maybe in FEB if it is nice weather. I stop cutting around the 2nd week in November...
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    Another thing you can do, is get a good accountant. They aren't too terribly expensive. Mine saves me a lot of headaches. All I do is give her a quarterly income statement and a compilation of expenses also each quarter and she does the rest.

    Plus she's great for when I get weird un-intelligeble letters from the IRS, I just hand them over to her and she deals with them.

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