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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by kosty, Mar 15, 2006.

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    Well i havent started in it. But im going to get out of it, its not what i thought it would be and i think i would do better driving for my old man. So im seeing if anyone wants to buy a packaged deal posting it here and the for sale form all equipment is brand new.

    Toro 36" W/B Mower with Tru-trak sulky $3250.00
    Grass Gobbler Jumbo Bagger $247.00
    Shindaiwa Multi Purpose Tool with edger and trimmer attachment $500.00
    Shindaiwa Blower $518.40
    Mantis Tiller with border edger attch. $324.00
    Giant-Vac Leaf Blower $810.00
    Trimmer Trap TT-2 Holds Three trimmers lockable. $215.00
    Blower Rack holds two back pack blowers $81.00
    Trl Tool Rack $162.00
    Line Spool Rack $20.00
    Trailer 6.5 X 12 for 1400.00 12" steel sides.

    Will Take 7500.00 For It and can possibly deliver anywhere from New England to Florida. As I will be running alot of produce from florida for the next two months I can drop this off anywhere along the way.

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    Sorry you did not like it but if you want to sell I think you are going to take a big loss as a package. If the prices that you list are new you will never get$7500 for it all .First most will not want or need exactly what you have and than they will be going to a dealer that will not want to service it right away (compared to their other customers). You may be lucky to get 5K for it all. I would part it all out and I think you will do better. Take exit 36 on I 77 in NC and I will give you $4000 tomorrow. Cash:)

    Another problem that people will have is they can not finance thru you, They can with a dealer. Good luck and Happy driving

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