I have run a small landscape and aeration biz for the past few years and last year upgraded all my equipment. This was a side hustle as my main job was working offshore as a deep sea robotics tech. I got covid pretty bad this year and can't pass my offshore physical anymore so I am starting a new career and I won't have time for my biz anymore.

2004 Isuzu NPR Super Lawn Truck. Less than 90K miles 17K OBO

2022 Grasshopper 937 EFI with 60" Aera-Vator and hydraulic lift. No mower deck. I do have an old style 61" deck I could throw in with it. This is the manual lift deck. Only 18 hours on unit. 20K OBO

2004 Grasshopper 618 with 44" deck, It comes with a 2017 40" Aera-Vator. This was always my back up unit. Aera-vator has been used one season on 45 lawns averaging 7k. So basically like new. It has the electric lift. It also comes with a 2021 Bed shaper attachment from Turf Tech. I will not separate the mower from the attachments. Mower has 598 hours and has the good engine not the one that always blows up. The bed shaper was used for one season. Maybe cut 2000 ft of edging with it. 8k OBO

2021 Stinger 36" with seedbox Lesco branded. 1.5 hours only. Basically brand new. Bought it last fall and only did 2 yards with it. Super super fast. Nearly 2k per minute aerating and seeding on open areas. Awesome machine. 17K OBO a new one is over 19K now and good luck finding one in stock.

2021 Brown Bantam Bed edger. B590H Has maybe 2 or 3 hours use on it. It is in excellent condition. This is the bigger Bantam with the 8.5hp Honda engine. 2.5K OBO

2021 Toro 36" Z Spray. Like new, never used to spray commercially. I used it mostly for putting out seed when aerating. It only has 17.2 hours on it. 12K OBO.

2008 Cadillac STS AWD V8. This was used as my estimate car. Gotta be professional if you want professional jobs. It only has 77K miles. 10K OBO

I will be getting everything out of storage tomorrow for pictures. If you want pics send me a message and I will send them to you. I am located in SE Ohio. You can text me at 740 293-4049.