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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by ksland, Jul 13, 2004.

  1. ksland

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    Have any of you thought seriously about getting out of business and working under someone else? If so what avenues would/did you persue?
  2. Team Gopher

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  3. qualitylandscaping

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    I've been thinking about selling the biz (accounts only) and moving to somewhere else in NYS (either the souther tier or the adirondacks).. Haven't gotten very far into that decision but there are WAY to many fly-by-nighters here to compete with.. There are over 190 LCO's just in the YELLOW PAGES!! I'm guessing probably 300+ companies within a 4 county area (population probably right around 350,000)..

    I hate suburbia hell
  4. jajwrigh

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    In the yellow pages here there are 300 - 400...not mention those who call themselves "landscapers."
  5. wriken

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    I've thought about it, but not to work for somebody else, but to do some traveling.:)
  6. John Gamba

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    I sold out and now i'm kinda part time now. I'm looking to do other things. I do like not having to do what i dont want to do and going my own pace.
    Working for someone else is never an option once you have done it on your own for awhile.

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