Getting paid by real estate agents!

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by alpine692003, Jan 14, 2004.

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    I got a call from an agent that was the owner, the house was vacant in fact it was a manufactured home [double wide trailor] on 5 acres and he wanted me to clean it up as he was going to auction it off. The previous owners split up and just left the place and he got it cheap, so met with him and gave him a price to really getting looking good and he agreed and left. I work for a couple of hrs and started looking at the house real close underneath it, roof the whole works. I call the guy up and said I would be interested in buying it right now if he would give me a good deal. We met the next day and I asked him if 5k profit for doing nothing was good enough for him and he said that would work so I bought it from him for 53k I already knew what he had paid. Well I went back to work fixed the property up nice and had merry maids come in and do the inside that cost 1k but it was a house that was only 7 yrs old on 5 acres in the country in a good location. I had the agent go ahead with the auction 2-1/2 weeks later I sold it for 70K after my expenses I made about 13k. Not bad for about 15 hrs work, the only regret is I wish I had kept that house its worth a whole lot more today. Yes I work for the agent yet and when he calls I usally come running He's made me another great deal so I owe him that much.

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    That's what I am afraid of. I will be doing routes all day and all of a sudden he calls and needs me across the city to do some work.

    I will have to drop and go meet his needs or he'll find somebody else.

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