Getting paid during times of drought

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by MNBOY, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. MNBOY

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    What is the strategy for getting paid during times of drought. Are you to include it in your agreement/contract that you are to get paid X amount of money for X amount of mowings whether you service an account or not? Or do you just not get paid at all when it is too hot and the grass isn't growing. I am trying to finalize my agreement letters and did not know how to handle this. Thanks..
  2. tjsquickcuts

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    I am not sure, but I think as long as you have them in a agreement, you should keep cutting, and keep collecting. Also, gives you a chance to upsell on sprinklers if there is no water ban. I knew of a guy that used to have a water truck go out to each of his accounts, and water their lawns for what he was charging for service, plus a little extra. Just things to keep in mind
  3. rodneyskip

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    MNBOY- Did you purchase the 657 last year? How do you like it? do you wish you had bought a WB instead. I am torn between the 7H17 and the 657A.

    Sorry for OFF TOPIC!

    PMLAWN LawnSite Gold Member
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    We still run the route. Stop and tidy up the place. Yearlong contract is just that- All year long.
    But most have irrigation and even the ones that do not the yard need service or tending to.
  5. lawnspecialties

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    Exactly. If there's a foot of snow or three months without rain, I still show up and tidy up the place. Overseeding in the fall is a part of my year round contracts. If its a drought, I still have a lot of work to do come September.

    If it's a "pay per cut", then I have them call me when they want me during a drought period.
  6. ed2hess

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    When you get a customer on a 12 month contract they stop worring about paying per cut. Most of our non irrigation customers have it cut bi-weekly and most have weeds so we keep coming in dry weather and the money keeps coming. There is always something to tidy up.
  7. MNBOY

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    Just purchased this machine. Heard a lot of good things about it though and looking forward to using it...
  8. befnme

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    thats where your contract kicks in. if it dosent rain for 6 weeks i still show up for trash and small debris removal .same goes in the winter with no mowing involved .
  9. rodneyskip

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    What did it cost you? Did it come with the new 7 iron deck II? I am eager to hear your opinion of learning curve, ability to hold a hill, and overall effienciency of this mower.

  10. MNBOY

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    It is an 04 model with a 7 iron deck. Only 260 hours on it and still under factory warranty till Oct. Got it at a John Deere Dealership for $3700. It was a little weird to drive because the controls are more sensitive than a Z but I am thinking it will be better than a WB and a good mower to start a biz with. J/D is putting a JRCO rake on it and I ordered an Accelerator bagger for it. I am going to use this and a small walk to start. There is a lot of reviews both good and bad on this mower if you do a search.

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