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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jtrice11, Dec 5, 2004.

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    I read the threads on whether or not to have a contract, I am planning on going into business this spring and will definately have an attorney write an "iron-clad" contract for all customers, especially commercial. My question is what do you do if someone doesn't pay? Do you send it to collections? Quit mowing their property? I want to run a professional outfit and don't really want to get into any shouting matches with some tight-a$$.
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    some people do home leins, others small's best to get money upfront on big jobs for this reason- if you get grounded out on a month or so of mowing that sucks- but materials are another story...
    Best advice, feel 'em out, trust your gut....
    if you think the guy is a bozo and might not payup, don't service him..
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    Yeah, we haven't had a lot of problems but every time we do we kick ourselves because it was totally foreseeable. It's almost always those crazy biddies that barely listen to you when you explain prices and operations. They then find all kinds of issues and raise fuss because they did not listen and have a screw loose.
    It is almost always foreseeable. Trust your instincts and don't work for those slightly nutty people.
    For the rest, someone said in another thread that they always carry and offer a copy of their general contract which states their use of a collection agency (even if you don't use them I would imagine it would help) and this shows the customer that they can't easily skate if they are feeling naughty. Give them every reason to believe that you are a smart business owner who is savvy enough to collect payment. I never collect up front, but I do mostly clean-up work that doesn't require materials.
    Avoid the lonely biddies that don't listen. If I wouldn't trust their driving I question their check writing skills also.
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    I have been screwd over 3 times in 8 years of business.1 was $4000, 1 was $2800 and 1 was $300. All were commercial accounts and all filed bankrupcy. When that happens there is nothing left to do. All the fancy so called IRON CLAD contracts dont mean squat then.

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