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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by FrankenScagMachines, Jun 19, 2002.

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    One customer is alittle picky (likes how I do my work though) so she has no complains with me and since I can do a good job at a good price for her, she is very happy with the work (these types will tend to be this way if you do the job to their satisfaction) anyhow I don't have alot of customers. Well her teenage son sometimes mows her lawn for her, maybe once every 3 weeks (I mow twice, he mows once, I mow twice, he mows once etc.). Well she's not on a contract because I am underage to do so, or this wouldn't be happening. The excuse I'm given is "he's doing it as a way to save me money". Well I'm getting really annoyed with her because I plan my week to do her yard on Thursday, call her on Wednesday to remind her to leave the check out and let her know that I'm coming, and she says well my son did it. It's a real booger for me when she does this. I plan my schedule and budget around doing this and this is really ticking me off. It's small enough that a homeowner could do it with a push mower (what they have) but I use my 32" Toro because it's faster better cut and stripe dont' have to walk etc. Well he uses a push mower on it all and it also messes up my stripes somewhat when he mows. So you can see how much this is pissing me off! Don't know what to do. If I get alittle "cocky" about it around my parents they get mad at me for being mad at this situation but I know I'm right. I can't afford to dump her and I'd like to keep a good reputation and good customer relations; what do I do??
    Thanx a ton in advance,
  2. That's life, welcome to the big leagues.
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    Life sucks man, get used to it.

    I would say that you are in a tight spot. It pretty much looks to me like you either put up with what the situation is, or dump her.
    Some body else might see a number three here, but I'm not seeing it.
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    i would think if you are doing quality work dump her and move on and you will pick somebody up in the next week or so that is easier to deal with. Also trust you enought to know when not to cut the grass. Likes your work and pays better per hour. life is a bi**h, work smarter.
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    Part of growing pains.

    In order to make money you need customers. And starting out I know I did alot of weird things like tearing down a garage? Bear with her until you can replace with a weekly only customer.

    You might be in the situation we all may have been in...a marginal customer is better than no customer. Get her to commit on "two on-one off" and visit with friends during the off week.

    Always try to remain upbeat.
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    lifes tough, get a helmet
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    your key comment was " u cant afford to drop her". that leaves u with little alternative but do things her way . or it seems to me anyway.
    i had one tell me not to come 2 wks running . then was upset when i charged
    15 more when i did come. that was imho the amount of increase in wk necessary to get the lawn the way i try an leave them. she said ,cant be payin more . i explained why it was more,and after a little talkin ,told her, no hard feelins ,ill
    just take u off the schedual.i couldnt afford it either. but my service is going to
    do a my best job . or it aint gonna do it.
    and i aint in this for my health,so they pay what im worth.or get somebody not worth as much.:)
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    Just think if all your customers were like that. You would go bonkers and broke.


    Do it immediatly, new doors will open I promise.

  9. Phishook

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    Samething with my father inlaw.

    Lawn looked like a checker board, then he comes along and choped it down to about .25"(literally, there was more dirt than grass).:eek: He thought he was doing me a favor. The way I figured it, I lost about $30 to labor and travel time.

    I made a few jokes to get my point across, and then bought a small "For Sale" sign and put on his mower. ( 30" craftsman)

    But for you, I'd say move it to Monday or an easier day for the occasional accounts.
  10. 65hoss

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    You have very little negotiating room. Her way or no way. When your older and have more and better accounts then it will be your way or no way. I sure do love being in that position.

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