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getting ready for spring


LawnSite Member
Im going to be starting up in the spring. Ive worked for someone else for about two years learned heaps of the technical aspect, but the guy was actually a terrible people person..I mean he used to tell customers not to bother him while we were working on their property, and they wanted to talk about doing more work. I was doing most of the work and now im tired of being underpaid and appreciated. This winter i have a good job which i will use to finance my new PART-time business and also over the winter i will be researching more about the business-end of the business. Ive already started on writing a business plan, and just going over some of the other things i didnt/couldnt learn on the jobsites. I was wondering where i could get quality used equip. I want to buy the best i can afford. and also any other info on stating up would be greatly appreciated. I've already had people call me cause they heard i'm on my own. I just hope they dont think im going to be the cheapo guy! Any help/comments criticism welcome!
PS Id also like to know if anyone hsa dealt with competing head to head with a former employer? Thanks again