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getting ready for the season

double e

LawnSite Member
lewes, delaware
Do you guys send letters out in the begining of the cutting season asking your clients if they still want your services. There's 1 or 2 I'm wondering about. If so how do you go about it.

I was thinking of sending a news letter showing new equip. and additional services.

Bryan McMullen

LawnSite Member
Originally posted by double e
Do you guys send letters out in the begining of the cutting season asking your clients if they still want your services. There's 1 or 2 I'm wondering about. If so how do you go about it.

I was thinking of sending a news letter showing new equip. and additional services.
Good question!I had thought about doing this to,think I will.


LawnSite Senior Member
North Alabama
I think sending out the newsletter is a great idea. In the letter inform all customers that there services for the year 2001 will begin on XXX date and to please contact you if they have any questions about there current services or any new ones they might be interested in.
Another option is to send out the newsletter and inform them that you will be contacting them via phone during the week of XXX to set up a consultation about their current services and the new ones you would like to talk with them about.
I think the second option is better because for me it's always easier to sell optional services in person rather than on the phone.


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Va Beach,Va
I use the direct approch, by calling them and ask them if they are still interrested in using my services for the up comming season .


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Just show up! They will call you if they aren't interested.
No call yet means my service will resume-it never stops anyway here.


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I send out a letter about middle of March. I thank them for their past patronage of my services. Then I state that Spring is approaching and that my service is a continueous year to year service and I do have them on my schedule this year for the same service as last year. I usually include that the price is the same as last year at x amount or that the x amount for service is whatever if I have raised it. Then I say I look forward to being their lawn care provider. I close with if there are any questions please contact me. I usually include a P.S on residentials that states if I have not started mowing and they feel it is time please call and notify me.

Sometimes I have included a pitch for additional services like areation, shrub trimming, fert programs, etc, if I wanted them on that property. I have left them out on properties I did not want to deal with either the property or the customer.

Jerrys Lawn Service

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We always call every client last week of March just to check in and to see how they are doing. Just remember try to add that personal touch, your clients will like having that close friend who keeps their lawn looking so nice.

Good Luck!


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We send out a pre-season letter each year in mid Februray. We let customers know how "optomistic" we are about the new year and any upgrades in equipment. We also encourage our customers to call us with questions or comments about their thoughts for the new season.

We tell them about "special discounts" on renovation and other services we offer. We enclose a coupon calendar as well for them to take advantage of those special savings.

If we have hired a new employee over the winter months we let them know that he too was a part of keeping their drives and walks cleared at all hours of the night. We include a little tid-bit about him/her so that clients will know to expect a new face in uniform this spring.

Then as ssouth does we close by letting them know that we will be contacting each of them starting the 2nd week of march to answer any questions they may have regarding upgrades to services this year.

We keep it positive and word all letters just like we have a signed contract in hand.

We also send out a "Thank-You" letter at Thanksgiving for their patronage that season, and personalized Greeting Cards at the holidays that are ALWAYS hand signed by each employee of the company.

My brother and I personally write the customers name and sign each letter as well in ink.

Sorry so lengthy, but I feel this is one of the most important aspects of the business - Customer Relations.

What a nice touch, I think we are going to have to implement some of 'Kru's tactics. I sent out my winter letter last Friday. Does anyone think this was too early?
I fumbled on the holiday greeting cards, so the letter was a happy New Year introduction to the prepay plan.

I want to send another one in March followed up by a call,just before Spring clean-ups.


Former Moderator
We are sending out a newsletter 1st of March this year which will contain tips on mowing, watering, aerations, etc...

Also included will be:

We are now in our third year of business. With the season fast approaching, we are looking forward to servicing your lawn care needs.

We will automatically continue to service your account when the cutting season begins unless we hear from you.

So please, if you have any questions or concerns, call us before April 1st. We would love to hear from you.