Getting rid of Bermuda

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by MisterBreeze, Jan 28, 2019.

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    It will make it stronger believe it or not. All he can do is dig between the side walk and curb 4 ft deep. Replace the dirt and reseed. Only solution. But it has crossed the sidewalk so basically he’s screwed.
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    My next lawn will be common bermuda for this reason. Can't kill it so why not use it for a lawn. It's cheap, hardy and drought resistant. Overseer with some rye. Mid March spray the lawn with Roundup and by April green up will start.
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    that will make it grow back stronger than ever :D
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    Any clue as to what their reason is for wanting it removed? Is it the brown color? you could always overseed it with Rye to keep it green, but this will cost more and more money each year.
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    That rye is a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of getting rid of the Bermuda.
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  6. Dyllan78

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    Spray it green for the winter.
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    Your fescue is too short. Tall fescue 3-4 inches tall helps shade out bermuda. Bermuda will take over everywhere it gets at least 8 hours of full sun per day. If you seed the fescue now, the bermuda will choke out the fescue by summer. Looks like you've had pre emergent anyway, so seeding won't do much good.
    Soak it overnight, dig up the bermuda at least 1.5-2feet deep. Bring in soil and fescue sod. Put a starter fertilizer down, and water early mornings. Keep the fescue tall all spring summer and fall. Spray some tenacity where you see active bermuda every 2 weeks during summer.
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    If the hoa were realistic, they'd promote the bermuda on the strip. If you do nothing, bermuda will take over that strip completely anyway. HOAs typically are clueless to turf and trees.
    In 15 or so years, the trees will be bigger, and you'll have more shade where bermuda won't be a problem. Right now, you have too much bermuda in that strip to do anything about it other than physical removal. Plus, your next neighbor would need to do his the same way to keep it from going back into your territory again.
    On your main side of the lawn, you can spray turflon or confront during spring, and tenacity during summer on the (now) tiny whisps of bermuda.
    Strip wise, other than physical removal and re dirting resodding-plus participation from the neighbor...once April May comes, it'll all be green anyway. You could let it be, hit it twice with round up in Mid to late August, then seed fescue. Then spray confront or turflon come spring, and tenacity in summer. Neighbors would have to do the same or it'll spread back to you.
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    What are your neighbors going to do, they have the same problem? Take a look at your HOA rules, does it address this kind of problem?
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    No confront on residential
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