Getting rid of Bermuda

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by MisterBreeze, Jan 28, 2019.

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    Dyllan is right. Dye it green or have it painted green for the winter. Every year.

    Another option is to vertical mow and then overseed with perennial rye--do this every year. The green rye hides the brown Bermuda.

    Of course, hand pulling will slow it down. It is easy to spot in cold weather. Don't do this yourself, of course.
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    Is Fusilade II still available? Ive used it for years to kill Bermuda out of flowerbeds.
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    Here is what I did but you have to be tenacious and stick to the schedule. I copied this from a website I think it was Virginia Tech but not sure. The one thing that seemed to work best was Pylex. I sprung for the $500 charge and after one season I had it under control the lawn was beautiful....then I moved to So. Cal with nothing but concrete and palm trees,LOL. I have a little more than half left if anyone is interested. Here was my regimen and pictures of the lawn (2 brown spots are from a malfunctioning sprinkler nozzle IMG_7801.JPG IMG_3858.jpg ):

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    Pylex plus triclopyr should do the business (see the pylex label). I plan to use the mix this season. Previously used Tenacity plus triclopyr and it knocked it back pretty good, but not complete kill. This year, pylex and triclopyr for the kill. :gunsfirin
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    Pylex and triclopyr for the win! In year 2 of treating several sports fields and it's doing an excellent job. Will always be a problem for us to manage, as we have 250+ acres of turf. But it's seriously knocked it back off of our more important areas.
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    I've read that the Pylex and Tri will not do more than harm the Burmuda until mid to late Aug. Bought for this year on my TF that really took a beating with the Bermuda Las year. Can anyone confirm any of this? Thank you...pylex and Triclopyr standing by...
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    I don’t know for a fact the answer to your question, but I do know bermuda is more vulnerable than “normal” during Spring green up. I’d go for it (and plan to) as soon as the bermuda rears its ugly head.

    Also vulnerable in Fall if a cold winter is ahead. Disrupt its carb storage before Winter.
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    I've just noticed the Bermuda blades coming up higher than my TF that I keep at 4.5" and very dense too. This allows me to see the Bermuda really well. This is Richmond, VA I'm referring to.
    I appreciate the help Delmarva_Keith....

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