Getting rid of metal edging

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by snap12.5, Jan 10, 2005.

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    what if u had a customer that had shiny silver metal edging surround a large tree bed in the front yard and u wanted to convince him to have it taken out. what would u say? he had this edging put in a few years ago and it looks terrible especially with the house being in the 300k-400 range in an up-scale neighborhood. the edging is so shiny u cant miss it. the rest of the landscape is kept up very well and was well designed. if edging was taken out, the edge line would be maintained by trimming vertically to get that "just edged" look. comments appreciated!
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    Try to sell it as an appearance/safety issue. Mention that it doesn't go well with the rest of the landscape and suggest how you can give it a more natural look. If they have kids, metal edging can rust or be a sharp object for them get hurt on.

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