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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by greenhornet, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. greenhornet

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    i have a lot if moss growing in my back yard. it is not a totally shady area though. should i add a lot of lime first or aerate first and then add lime. or do any of you know the right first step toward combating a moss problem. thanks
  2. fishinpa

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    I had a similar situation here in SE PA. I had all the trees taken up to let the sunlight in & douse (yes: douse) the yard with lime regularly. All the moss was gone the first year.
  3. Marcos

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    Before you start throwing anything down, I strongly recommend that you have a soil test done, to determine the soil pH.

    You'll need to take probably 5 or 6 'cores' with a soil probe, each about 3 to 4 inches deep, from different spots in the yard.

    It's best to have it professionally done, from a place like CLC Labs.
    The kits you buy at the 'box' stores are not very reliable !!

    Powdered or pelletized lime raises pH.
    Sulfur, vinegar, and cottonseed meal are examples of things that can lower the soil's pH.

    Here's some insight from another Cincinnatian; now transplanted to Warren Co:
    Hamilton Co soil is clayey, and is (generally) high in pH.
    And remember, a lot of the soil in that region came from the limestone / dolomite bedrock, that is present under your very feet right now !!
    (The rest of it was washed in the region with glacial waters.)

    About the only consistently good use for 'lime' I've seen in most areas of neutralizing dog pee damaged soil, from Fido eating "el-cheapo" dog food too much !!!
  4. MJS

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    Aeration can help, also. I have found that if no other solutution will work long-term (ph adjustment with lime, etc.) aeration actually does work.
  5. rcreech

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    Depending on the type of moss you have...carfentrazone (Quick Sivler) will take it out.
  6. EGL&L

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    A trick I learned while a golf course superintendent, use a spray solution of 1 part Dawn liquid detergent to 6 parts water. This acts as a desiccant and drys the moss.

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