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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grassrootsinab, Sep 6, 2004.

  1. grassrootsinab

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    We've had an UNBELIEVABLE wet summer and nearly every yard has mushroom growing in it. Do I need to worry about spreading the spores from one yard to the next? What's the best method of getting rid of them. Keep in mind that I don't do any fertillizing or spraying, just want to make a recommendation to my customers. Thanks for the help.
  2. jgc8fan

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    Never had a big problem with them, but when a few pop up here and there we usually pick them and toss 'em in a trash bag. I don't mow over them unless I just don't see it. Don't know if it helps the situation or not, but I just don't like running them over.
  3. broken leg

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    If the mushroom is up the spores are in the wend. Mushrooms grow on organic matter if it's in the ground you will have mushrooms just let them run there coarse. Had a customer once showing me mushrooms in here yard I tried to tell her that it was probably construction material buried in the yard when they built the house. she could not believe they would do that were she lived. After all she lived in Southern Village a real high rent neighbor hood that was in Souther Living mag. So I got my soil prob out and said lets sea what is under that mushroom. when I put the probe in struck something hard and pulled out about a 4 inch 2 by 4 Honest to god the ladies mouth dropped open. I could not have been Any luckier. I was just look for organic matter. Never happened again. So what I am trieing to say is mowing them over does not spread them just let them run there course.
  4. DALMlawn&landscaping

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    just dont eat the ones growing in cow manure :cool2: :blush:
  5. greasy_gun

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    most of the time the 'lawn' mushrooms are from wood buried/decaying under the surface...i.e=limbs,roots,stumps,etc...
    no harm to mow em down,they wont spread
  6. rkbrown

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    Best thing I've found for mushrooms is a 12 pack of your favorite adult beverage and a 3 wood :)
  7. dkeisala

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    Mushrooms grow all over the place around here. Even had an account that was a one acre property built on the site of an old dairy farm. Any guess as to the kind of mushrooms that where growing all over this place in the early morning with fresh dew on the ground?

    As has been said, mushrooms grow where lots of organic matter is in the soil. What you see growing above the ground is the flowering portion of the mushroom. The material it is growing on could be several inches, or even feet, below the soil surface. Could be construction debris, old tree roots, just about anything.

    I've heard lime application will help prevent mushrooms as they like an acid environment but no chemical is going more than a couple inches into the soil. Like was said, best to just let them run their course.
  8. Tony Clifton

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    Just tell them if they have any friends that enjoy bluegrass to invite them over. They'll be surprised how fast they disappear. (by the way, if they dont have any bluegrass fans, grateful dead fans will work just as well.0 Hope this Helps!
  9. GLS

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    Check out this fungi we ran into yesterday. There were about 10 of these suckers on the lawn and flower bed. There used to be an oak tree here.



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