Getting rid of rocks???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gogetter, Jan 12, 2002.

  1. gogetter

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    Ok, this might be a bit of a dumb question. But where/how do you guys get rid of rocks that come out of a lawn? Now I'm talking about fairly small rocks, not boulders.
    These range from golfball to softball size, and there's enough to fill a 10cu.ft. wheelbarrow 1 or 2 times.

    I have a facility nearby that takes all the other stuff (leaves, grass, brush), but not rocks.

    How do you small operations handle this stuff?


  2. coalburner

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    For the BIG BIG rocks I rent a bobcat with a jack hammer and take the top of the rock off and cover it back up with dirt.

    For the fresh crop of rocks that come every year I just deal with them one at a time.
  3. vipermanz

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    you don't have a use for them as decorative stones in landscaping?
  4. I place them one stone at a time, in little gullies that are starting to erode or any other low spot in the lawn. It kind of looks like a cobblestone street when I finish. Then the grass grows up thru it and within one season it looks and mows like the rest of the lawn, but it never washes out again.

  5. turfquip

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    Dump them in the creek
  6. Dick Myers

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    Hey Gogetter, that is a full time here in the Ozarks. This is where the glaciers came to die!:angry:Rocks here are an occupational hazard. We have learned to live with, we use whatever we can to dispose of our rocks. See if you can use any construction site for fill. Not much help, but I do sympathize with your problem. Dick Myers
  7. MJ

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    Probably not much help but I get many, many rocks of all sizes from gravel to 4-5 feet in diameter. I have one in my backyard that I'm digging up right now about 3' in dia. I move them to the edge of the yard and leave them. The wife takes some for landscaping. Used some of the flat ones for a walkway. Used some more, like David Haggerty said, to fill areas starting erode from runoff - dirt washes in around the rocks - end of problem.

    How about making a rock wall?
  8. Runner

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    I ALWAYS keep them. As a matter of fact, at times, I'll go out of my way for them. Too valuable to pass up.
  9. Lawn Services

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    I try to store the rocks in a stock pile in my yard where i can acumalate as much as a dump truck load at a time then i sell them back when i do driveways or for other landscaping means if you can. Saveing differnt things can benifit such as i save top soil, fill dirt ,stones and grass clipping and leaves if you have the facility to allow you to do this it helps. because you will need it some day
  10. fireball

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    Its all in the marketing gogetter. Take a pallet, Line the edges with chicken wire 4ft high, move to a shady area, fill it with your rocks, take some urea and spread thickly on top to promote algae growth, declare it Pennsylvannia fieldstone, and charge people $80.00 a pallet for it. I bet you could sell it to someone from Morrisville or Trenton no problem. Check your local stone yards to see what they are doing, they may even take the stone off your hands.

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