Getting rid of the house fly??

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Think Green, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. Think Green

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    I am curious as to what the rest of the members have to say on the matter of controlling the common house fly as well as the black and the horse fly.
    This question goes out to those whom have large animals such as dogs, horses, llamas, emu's, Aupacka? SP.
    Since sanitary conditions are the major IPM for the control of flies in every setting, sometimes it can a far tunnel to follow in controlling these pests. Keeping animal excrement picked up and disposed of. Throwing away of all containers that may contain food related byproducts, and picking up your dog pooh! Seems easy enough--Doesn't it? The fly comes around when it gets hot--no doubt! It is in all food attracted areas. They are nature's way of eliminating the earth of refuse and disease causing carrion.
    I have not done any research on the use of an organic material which I will state later. The little research that I have done is the use of rubbing alcohol--grape juice--permethrin--fly or glue traps, to name most that are common.
    I stumbled across a forum and someone gave some advice on the use of (Diatomacious Earth) at 1% in animal feeds to control the flies from landing and laying maggot larvae. Evidently, this will control the fly if it isn't allowed to lay the eggs and die or allow the larvae to hatch or feed.....then die.
    Since, DE is formed from the finely ground shells or exoskeletons of deceased mollusks and prehistoric shells, the materials do control mosquito larvae in watery conditions. We call them Mosquito Dunks. Well, the DE tears, slices, the stomach linings of certain insects, and tears the outer linings of soft bodied insects, thus causing death. If you place this material in whatever percentage into the food system of a canine--feline--bovine--swine--equine, would it not cause severe stomach or intestinal disorders.
    I cannot fathom this advice was given to a person for their pets in order to control the house fly and the garen flies...

    Does anyone have any hardcore evidence of the uses of DE as such Advised???
  2. bug-guy

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    maxforce makes a fly bait that i've seen peolpe with horses use in the stables other than that i've seen fly glue strips that come with a pheromone(spelling)
  3. RigglePLC

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    Mosquito Dunks do not use diatomaceous earth--as I recall they use Bacillus thruingus toxin from the Bacillus bacteria.

    Screen windows and doors.

    I think there may be some insect growth regulators that can be fed to animals (causing no harm) --flys that attempt to breed in the excrement cannot mature.

    But we are grass people--just guessing.
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  4. PestPro

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    First find any chemical that is labeled for the control of House Flies.

    I have had this problems in fast food places, Mixed up some of the chemicall in a small pan (pot pie container). Get aa sponge and wipe down along all the windows, and any place the flies might land on. Try and keep your santation a a high level. Move debris, trash cans. soda cans, anything that will attact flies.

    Hope this helps you out.
  5. greendoctor

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    Golden Malrin is another extremely effective fly bait. Back in the old days the farmers here used to roll their own fly bait with brown sugar and Dibrom 8EC. That is now illegal(thank you, FQPA). Be careful of relying on pyrethroid residual sprays for fly control. Flies rapidly develop resistance to that class of chemical.
  6. Think Green

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    PestPro & GreenDoctor,
    Thanks for your responses!
    I did stumble on a site called DirtWorks that sells this product that contains D.E. in the finely ground powder. The site sells this for the elimination of household pests like flea eggs, fly eggs, maggots,etc. It is tiny finely ground fossil remnants and can be used topically and digestively. They way it is described is harsh how it works, thus leading me to think that this form of silica material is like swallowing fine glass will destroy the intestinal lining??!!!????
    I even went to another site that sells this stuff in a pill form consumed by humans to clense the bowel and stomach tract. HUH? I am not about to go taking this stuff to clense out the toxins, metals, and build up in my body. I ain't swallowing sand paper?? LOL!!

    Thanks for your reply, I got ahead of myself in using B.T. as a reference to my query of D.E. We use the mosquito dunks all the time here and my brain overloaded!
    Yet, one is a naturally occurring bacteria, and the other in a natural powder!

    I can see the relevence in using either, all I was wondering is if ingested by an animal and or human---now! Will it cause adverse reactions with the host??
    I would hate to feed this stuff to my animals and have one hell-of-a bill to the vet.!
  7. PestPro

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    Put out fly bait is ok, but you have to watch where you put in. It can not be exposed. Or you will have the Health Dept. on your ass.
  8. bugguy8

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    Golden Malrin and Maxforce Fly Baits are excellent granular products.... They must be placed in areas out of reach from animals or humans.... You can purchase 1 qt or 1 galln fly bait containers that will hold the bait and animals and humans cannot get into it.

    There is another product (forget name) but it is a liquid that you mix with water and apply it to walls/dumpsters Etc..... and it is very, very effective and last up to 1 month depending on weather and where its applied. It is expensive, but is the best at eliminating any type of fly very quickly.

    You just treat the area where fly infestation has occurred. And watch them drop.

    Never place out baits or put any other types of treatments where an animal or human can ingest or get into contact with.

    I can get the name of the liquid product if anyone is interested. Just PM me.

    Ive used it many times before and you would see huge results within 24hrs if used correctly.

  9. PestPro

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    There is a dust called "Drione" with Slicia Gel,like ground up glass in it, It works very good on Cockroaches and ants


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