Getting service at a dealer you didn't purchase it from.

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by pajohn, May 20, 2004.

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    Maybe my expectations are too high, but shouldn't any dealer be glad to sell me parts or service my Mini regardless of where I bought it. Local guy gave me a hard time for buying a trailer hitch from him instead of where I bought it from. I can imagine what I'm going to go thru when I need service. It's not like I didn't go to him first, but he wouldn't take my JD as trade and I told him I didn't want to mess with selling it privately. Turns out the place I bought it from gave me a slightly better deal but that wasn't why I went shopping elsewhere. Don't these dealers get paid buy Hustler for warranty work and don't they make money on parts 'sales? I'm sure he'd work on it, but judging from his attitude when I bought the hitch, I'd probably be waiting 3 weeks.
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    I found the same problem. I bought a redmax backpack blower off Ebay and saved $100.00
    Local mower shops said in so many words "Fix it yourself, we don't always get paid full price for warranty work" But they will work on any product you buy from them because they know what ever they don't get covered from warranty they know they already made from you by selling it to you.

    just my 2cents.
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    I'm a new Hustler dealer and have no knowledge of their warranty procedures yet. But I have been a tractor dealer and do know their warranty reimbursement was terribly low. Most repairs paid 1/2 the amount of time it took to do the repairs. So when a customer went out of market and bought from a lowballer then brought the tractor to us for warranty, we refused them.

    Nothing personal, just business. You can't lose money and keep the doors open.
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    Most dealers will be glad to the work for you. But You also have understand they will do the the customers they sell to first. Its like you getting ask to mow a lawn when the cust told you last year that he found some one that could do it for a less. You will do it but..... Is he first on your LIST?
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    Hustler dealers get full shop rate on warranty repairs.

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    I suggest you take your business to another Hustler dealer. If the local guy is going to act in such an unprofessional manner and carry a grudge because you bought from someone else, then take your money where it will be appreciated and don't waste your time explaining why you bought where you did. If the attitude makes you question the dealer’s integrity then definitely go somewhere else.

    If a dealer wants to give their purchasing customers priority in line or other perks, that's 100% OK. They should be able to offer an incentive to buy from them. If they choose to hassle people that didn’t buy from them that’s fine too, but they’ll have to live with the loss of business that results since most people would rather drive extra miles or pay shipping fees than put up with attitude….. however….

    If a Hustler authorized dealer that advertises sales and service, including warranty service, of Hustler equipment REFUSES you warranty service for your mini because you didn't buy from them, you need to contact Hustler customer service and let them know about your dissatisfaction. They need to be aware of dealers that perform this type of "business", they are giving Hustler and the good dealers a bad name and steering people away from the Hustler product. At the very least the customer service people will give you the name of another, hopefully more reputable, dealer in your area.

    This is a free and open market with "competition" so that you have a choice where to buy. There are also state laws governing breaches of warranty and misrepresentation of services, which are designed to remove unscrupulous business practices. I'm willing to bet that you purchased your Chevy, Ford, Honda, etc. vehicle from the dealer with the best price, knowing that you can take that vehicle to ANY equivalent dealer in the country and receive full and complete warranty, as well as non-warranty, service! Maybe no free rental car but you know they will repair it. There’s no reason that this situation should be any different for your Hustler product.

    There are currently fierce debates in other forums about buying from dealers vs buying from the "big box" stores like HD and Lowes. Price is a huge factor here, but there are also a LOT of people that won't buy from their local dealer because they, or someone they know, had a bad experience with that dealer. Unfortunately it is poor "business" practices and lousy customer service exactly like this that are turning people away from the local guys.

    Consider this- That “lowballer” is still in business despite the fact that his profit margins are low because he’s selling at cost and he’s accepting the same compensation for warranty work, or no compensation for warranty work if his customers take their stuff to someone else; he must be doing something right. If in fact he is the “new guy” on the block undercutting everyone and he doesn’t stick around for long, guess what, the long-time dealers get to pick up ALL his old customers…. unless of course they’ve already burned those bridges. I’m willing to bet that most homeowner purchases are made with an expectation of 5-10 years of equipment life; that’s a minimum of 3-8 years of non-warranty work! I’d also bet that a large number of those same people would rather sell their equipment and buy something else before having to deal with lousy customer service, questionable integrity and an overall poor dealer experience.
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    "Hustler dealers get full shop rate on warranty repairs."

    Thanks, PJ. As I posted, we're brand new and learning as we go. My remark about lowballers referred to our experiences as a tractor dealer, and also conversations held with other dealers experiencing the same problem.

    The lowballer I spoke of did go belly-up.

    Also, thanks to a couple of people responding to our questions a couple months ago about what you'd like your local dealer to offer. One suggestion was to have a loaner unit ready should our customer break down and be in a bind. We are mentioning that to our commercial and municipal shoppers as a service we offer.

    Any other suggestions?

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