Getting sick, who will do the job?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Emar, Feb 23, 2014.

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    Yeah as solo's its tough when sick, and unless absolutely necessary, I went out mowing sick, but I know what you mean. Im more worried about a broken leg, or arm, etc than getting sick. I can work sick most of the time, but then again a broken leg would be a big problem.

    Regaring back up/ that's a great point that some people don't think about. I try to have back up every handheld piece of equipment, and multiple mowers that can do the job. I now have a dedicated business truck, but if it broke down, I can still use my avalanche to get by until the truck gets fixed. Which reminds me, I need to take some pics of both my new trailer and truck and get them posted on here, along with updating my signature equipment list.
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    :) If you have a nice trailer with a side door just put in a "tap it" light and a "bucket" style porta-potty. I also recommend a "hand sanitizer" dispenser and TP holder if you want to get fancy.

    I was thinking (for the boredom of it) of building a walk around the area. Maybe as wide as the door to the center of the trailer (so about 3x4') as the bathroom. Thats if I get a 12' trailer. Need room for equipment.

    Okay done dreaming and over thinking.

    Easy way: Keep a 5 gallon porta bucket potty in the trailer with TP. Use as needed (might was to vent that trailer though hahahaha)
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    I was a solo, then over time the business grew and grew. In 2009 I was burnt out I contemplated going back to solo work but at that stage I couldn't pay myself same wage and be a one man band. As it transpires I broke my ankle at the start of the year. While off I read the e myth by Tony Bass. In a sence I am solo again but with Tony's guidance you reach your full potential. I have a good system in place and can manage the business better. My father always said "the easiest money you will ever make is to get someone else to do it for you". It is not a hugh leap to employ one member of staff, free up some time to work on the business rather than work in it. With more staff you can take on bigger projects and have bigger turnover.
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    Seems like there would be some difficulties to add just one person. For one thing have to do background on them, and have to find a good employee who you can somehow trust. Have to deal with all the tax stuff and all that. Bit too much for me to think much about right now...although it would make my life a little easier! When I need two people now I drag my girlfriend along, even though she hates it and isn't the best helper in the world!
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    Taking on staff is never easy. They will never do the job the way 'you do' but it was a big step for me to have the first one. For my first employee I knew the company he was working for and made him an offer.
    2014: All crew leaders are provided with smart phones (cost €30.00 per employee per month) The team leaders know their route and job description for the coming week. Each team leader has to take before and after photos of their work at each site, end of every day (on their time, after all they get free phone unlimited calls and internet) sends a full report to management. Management do spot checks on sites before and after visits. Once employees know you are on the ball and they are been watched there is little room for error. But you have to let go, trust other people and get the system right. Bottom line I make a very good living form this, it would not be possible as a sole trader. A rival company manager told me once, "You will never get another 'you' but what you can hope for is someone who will do the job 75% as well as you can on a good day" What employees have taught me is that most customers don't expect absolute perfection but I did. I always went the extra mile but didnt get paid for the extras. Now that is very different, we charge for every extra. We stick to the schedule the customer has signed up to, any extras are just that. We have priced for everything right down to tree straps per meter. The system works, staff work and we are getting on with the job.
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    I'm going to save this post for when I make a hire! Great information..thanks!
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    Stomach bugs suck but pass quickly. Immodium, pepto bismol and fluids fix you up quick. Dehydration is what wears you out. Water first until the squirts stop then gatorade for electrolytes. Then toast and crackers until your appetite is back. I had to nurse many a soldier through that crap under combat conditions. First remedy was the squeeze cheese from MREs. Always had a few tubes in my pack.
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