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Getting started also

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by MarkTodd2233, Jan 31, 2010.

  1. MarkTodd2233

    MarkTodd2233 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 79

    Hello, all
    My name is Mark Sullivan, I am from Zachary La, & I own Mark's Exterminating, I have been the owner since 2004, and always wanted to do lawn care also. as of now I have around 700 Termite & Pest Control customers, I also do work for 15 contractors that build new homes. I plan on buying equipment next week & start with my customers for lawn care. My goal is about 15 to 20 weekly customers, to do in between my pest control work.
    Just wondering what yall think about the equipment that I am looking at to start off with.

    Currenty have:

    dual axle 5 1/2 x 12 trailer
    2003 chevy 2500 reg cab truck
    all safety, hand tools, small equipment

    Looking to buy:
    Snapper Pro S50 36 inch cut ZTR
    Echo Back pack blower
    Echo Stick trimmer
    Echo Stick Edger
    Honda self prepelled push mower

    any comments

  2. MarkTodd2233

    MarkTodd2233 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 79

    I only have a $6500.00 budget to start off with, or maybe yall would let me know about another ZTR that would between $4000-$5000 to start off with,,,


  3. J & D Greens

    J & D Greens LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 765

    Hi Mark,
    I know that this might sound like little to no help but, you have all you really need to start off with. I would hold on to that money and pursue those account first. Maybe you may consider a 32" walk behind (Scag, Exmark, Bob-cat) brand new $3,500.00 range. you can handle back yard gates and will find they cut great too. But get the work first before you spend a dime. Also I would get your Insurance in order which you are probably on top of with your biz. experience. It is easy to spend a lot of unnecessary money in this biz. It would be better to build on the money you have and then consider equipment later. Look forward to talking to you in the future. David
  4. g21

    g21 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 326

    we have many resources that will help you. Don't hesitate to ask if you need help with anything.

    Go Saints!
  5. KrayzKajun

    KrayzKajun LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 10,737

    welcome from another Louisiana guy!

    DLONGLANDSCAPING LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,418

    just my 2 cents but with 6500 dollars you can get a ton of equipment. With 15-20 accounts you DONT need a zero turn. My best purchase ever was a 48" exmark metro(belt drive, you dont need a hydro and they are sooo much more money) find a slightly used in good condition belt drive 36" or 48" from like 2000 dollars. Or get a bobcat classic 48" for 2650 out the door, up here in Michigan from Rochester lawn and snow.

    For the echo products: they are great for home owner but if you are looking to grow and be very productive i would go with shindaiwa trimmers, like a t242(250-300) trimmer and an le261 (300-350 edger. And for the echo blower, i had the pb-755t and everything that could go wrong with it did(carb,throttle trigger, air filter, warping housing, rusting screws: after my first year of use when i only have 5 customers and a 21" push mower) your best bet for a back-back blower is a redmax ebz7001 or ebz8050, the 8050 i just ordered i got it for 400 dollars, a great deal on my part shipped to my door. For the push mower, i would go with the 22" toro self propelled from wheels from home depot. They last a hell of a long time, deck is easy to clean and keep maintained, dont eat very much gas, and they work excellent. IMO you dont want a 36" and a 21" . Or you only want a 36 if you want one of those. There is really no point because the whole point of a smaller wb like a 36 is to get through gates and such, there's no point in having an extra 400 dollar purchase for a 21" mower thats going to sit in your trailer. I guess if you want to have it for back up, but still thats a waste of money if you only have 15-20 customers.

    About the zero turn, if you REALLY REALLY REALLY want a zero turn to start off with i would go no bigger than a 52". Especially if you are doing small lawns, a 60" is great but 52" is perfect and it can fit in a lot of other places. you can find a used 60" zero turn exmark lazer z for around 5000 with around 400-500 hours on it here in michigan.

    With 6500 dollars you can do a lot. I would recommend spending a little more than 3000 to start off with on a exmark metro(2000) shinidaiwa trimmer and edger (600 together) and a redmax blower (450-550 depending on where you get it from) that puts u right around 3200 and i would start making some money before you should upgrade to a zero turn. That way, you still have 3300 dollars to spend and if you get 20 customers. (20 x 25 per lawn= 500 weekly x 4weeks= 2,000 per month.) Save up your pennies for about 3 months, get a brand new 60" exmark lazer z 25hp with a 3 bagger system and a striping kit and drop about 9000 on it all and you are set until you need another crew. (in my opinion a 60" mower and 36" mower is THE PERFECT set up for a small business. Big properties take the 60" off and finish in a breeze. Small 1/4 acre properties, start stipping with the 36" and take your time doing a great job. 22" vs 36". for every two passes with the 36" you will be doing more than 3 with the 22".

    I dont know if this helped but it gave you an idea of brands and other prices to compete with. I know im Young(only 17) but my favorite part about owning a landscape and ground maintenance company is owning all of the top of the line commercial equipment. Dont waste your money buying a echo trimmer from home depot for 280 bucks when it will last a year and have the "warranty" say it was over used and that the warranty is voided. Get a commercial brand that will last you 5 years and you will pay off in a month or two of mowing.

    Good luck to you and congrats on starting a second company. im sure you can get a tonnnn more work with those 700 accounts you already have in your other business. Thats a great basis for people who already know you.

    Please, everyone else, if i said something wrong, just correct me, there is no need for bashing the teenage on this site.


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