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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Keli2000, Apr 8, 2003.

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    I started out last year with mowing a few lawns to fill some spare time. This year demand has increased and I expect that I’ll need better cutting equipment. I find that most of my lawns have some steeper hills in the back and mostly flat fronts. All are established residential lawns with landscaping.

    Do I step into a walk behind or rider? What width should I look at for safety and maneuverability? I would bet a 48”+ is acceptable, but more than a 60” would be a tight fit in some yards. I have several inquiries for thatching in a few weeks. What mower easily accepts a thatch attachment and what are the pros/cons? What are the better options for bagging when necessary? Are backpack blowers worth the extra money?
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    first of all you have to answer yourself a couple of questions

    how much do you want to spend?
    are you going to get into this full time or part?
    how long do you tend on running this business?
    how many customers do you have?
    what are the customers expecting?
    And most importantly of all what are you expecting out of yourself, the business, and to grow?

    make sure that you answer all of these questions before you jump into the larger equipment
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    First of all, it makes it hard to advise you on equipment when we don't know what your are presently using. Sounds to me and I am making a guess, a 52" WB would be good for you. Not too big and not too small. WB's are much better and safer on slopes as well.

    I have a JRCO dethatcher that mounts on the front of one of our 61" WB's. Great investment, especially helpful in Spring Clean-ups.

    As for backpacks, they beat any hand-held unit hands down (no pun intended). Buy the biggest you can afford cause you can use them to make money on Fall clean-ups as well.

    Hope that helps some.
  4. Keli2000

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    We had been using a couple of 21” mowers and we found it was eating most of our spare time. I say ‘we’ as I have a teenage boy that has jumped in with a serious nature to mowing. We expect to keep the 21’s as trim mowers and step into something bigger to keep up with demand. He scripted a letter of inquiry to neighbors asking if they would be interested in his services. Those letters yielded another 4 lawns to mow thus far and he only sent the letters out 3 days back.

    I believe my direction would be to allow my son to take lead on the majority of the mowing jobs as he is very meticulous. Last summer his lawns were mowed on time and trimmed well. I will help out and will keep a close handle on workmanship for now. In a year or two I think I’ll readdress the situation and expand my involvement as demand grows.

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