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Ok, I'm new to fertilizing. We've been mowing some large complexes and fertilizing seems to keep coming up. Last year I told two apartment complexes (about 5 acres) that we work for, that we couldn't compare with TG on price, which is fine. Both ended up going with TG because they wanted cheap anyway. I also did a bid for a large condo complex that wanted full service and told them that we couldn't handle the fertilizing. This year we got in with a management company and they just sent out a couple condo complexes for bid. Quick google maps measurements show about 20 acres on one, 10 acres on the other (I plan on measuring more thoroughly before putting in a bid). They want four apps and they want one price for all mowing and fertilizing. The management company just assumes you do both. I think that not fertilizing is starting to slow us down on picking up some of these bigger jobs. I also think that with properties this large I'm getting to the point that I'm reaching entry level to the business and the pros are starting to outweigh the cons. My father worked for a company fertilizing for about five years and then moved on to another job when Scotts bought out the company and made everyone take a substantial pay cut. A few years ago he started a small landscaping company handling a lot of the smaller accounts that we couldn't give enough attention to (seniors, people that are a little more picky, etc.) he got his pesticide license two years ago and is capable of overseeing the fertilizing. I do not have the education or experience necessary to do this but I'm confident he does.

1. I'm trying to figure out what equipment I should be looking at to do properties this size. We have zero turns and I was thinking if we had a spreader large enough maybe we could utilize those instead of buying a stand-on spreader.

2. I'm wondering what kind of production times I should be looking at.

I'm sorry if I'm coming off as naive, I just got the bid sheets today. I haven't had a chance to talk to any local suppliers or any of my friends in the business yet. With the knowledge and experience here, I wanted to see what you guys think about this. I would appreciate any feedback, comments, suggestions, questions.