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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by PurpHaze, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. AI Inc

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    Paul , join the Irrigation association of New England. They can set you up with classes and testing for a CIC. Their goal is to get licensing in mass and have all current CIC,s grandfathered.
  2. Mike Leary

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    We could have Hank make us up a batch & he could listen to
    the three of us!:drinkup:
  3. paul vroom

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    Al, thank you or the info. I will do it.
  4. Mike Leary

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  5. Kiril

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    Anything to bump up your post count. :rolleyes: No class!
  6. Eileenc

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    Hi Guys,

    I signed up for some classes to learn irrigation in Suffolk Boces but classes were cancelled. My partner and I are looking to learn - is there anyone that is willing to teach us in the Ny area - were willing to pay for your services. Also in New York is there an exam that is needed to be taken to get licensed at this time? Also any classes in the 5 boroughs or upstate?
  7. Bladerunner Inc

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    I was on this Irrigation section about a week ago and found on a post the phone numbers for county extentions and related books to buy to help pass testing for irrigation installs. Does anybody know were I could find it. I live in Tampa, Florida
  8. Green Boys LawnCare

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    Has anyone taken this "Irrigation System Installation and Maintenance" class from the Irrigation Association? It's a one day class. Says it's for beginners. I'm wondering if it's worth the $230. I'm mainly just wanting to learn how to work on existing systems at this point. replace/adjust heads, fix leaking pipe, etc. Thanks
  9. Waterit

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    See if one of the local supply houses is having any seminars - they usually do in early spring - for what you seem to be looking for, be a LOT less expensive
  10. ARGOS

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    Hey waterit we could teach it...says it's for beginners.

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