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    I just obtained my license earlier this year and am not quite sure how to capitalize on it. Is there a set program that should be followed and sold to my clients or What ? presently I just personally tell my clients that I see need something that they need weed control or fungicide , etc.. But Is there a better way to make this work ? any adivce would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks

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    Hope nobody has a problem with this, but you could get some estimates from other pest companies on your personal lawn. You can see their literature, prices, guarantees,ect. You can ask them these questions and see what the other guys offer. Most co's will suggest a basic 4-6 application program. Weed/feed. Other things will usually be extra. Grub, disease,ect.
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    i am in nj also. you need to sell complete programs, thats how u make money.
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    bobby were are you in n.j. i am in southern n.j.

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