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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by sleona, May 1, 2001.

  1. sleona

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    Hi, I'm new on this forum and let me start by saying it looks like a great source of info from some very knowledgeable people!

    My question to you is this: How did most of you get started in this business? Did you start out small, with the intent to grow larger? Or did you always have it in mind to stick to residential-type landscaping & lawncare.

    Also, what were your very first steps in getting your business launched? Do you recommend going to classes/seminars which focus on starting a small business?

    I apologize for the onslaught of questions. I'm interested in a new line of work; something that I REALLY enjoy doing and can profit from it too. I'm taking baby steps here...


  2. HOMER

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    I think the majority of us started out small. Some of us still are. I would advise getting a good accountant, buying your licenses for the areas you were going to work in, get some insurance to cover you-----------just in case--------and start looking for clientel.

    Baby steps is the best approach......................don't quit your day job until you can afford to.

    A whole lot of competition out there so find your niche and do exceptional work.

    What aspect of the biz were you considering? Mowing, landscapeing?
  3. joshua

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    nothing personal but i hope you make it, i've seen somemany guys drop out so far this year in my town.

    i've started out with 2 21" crapsman mowers with my father when i was 14 (5 years ago) as i got more accounts i got bigger machines, then last year i got into landscaping and seeding. go to your local book store and look through books on our kinda of work and buy what ones you think would help you the best. the only way you can expand is if you know what your doing, and this may take self education. also their are alot of companies that have mags. that they send monthly- another great source to learn more off of. plus this free eduation on here.
  4. LakeCountry

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    I was wondering a lot of the same things. I come from a Marketing Management background and am leaving a very comfortable job to do this in a town far away from here!

    This board has been a great help getting some great ideas going...
  5. MOW ED

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    Welcome to Lawnsite and yes this is a great source of information that gets better all the time.

    I am not being rude but your real source is the "search" function. You can type any word (4 letter words or more) that you may think of about this industry and you quite possibly will get hundreds of threads dealing with your inquiry. It saves a guy from posting and waiting and wondering why no one responds. Reason being that lots of questions are already answered many times. People aren't ignoring you.

    With that said I wish you luck on your future and you can begin learning right now. You are at the right place. Keep checking out the sponsors of Lawnsite, they keep it going.

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