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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by vaacutabove, Oct 17, 2010.

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    first off I have posted some other stuff here and I know its tuffer than the mowing threads. so I'm know I'm going to hear some crap.

    I have been thinking about get my cert for years. this year I had some problems with the guy I sub to and even more people complaining about TG and lawn doc. the only two main co in the area. anyways I am taking the core test next week. I have been looking at 200gal skid sprayers (I wanna do fert. and broad leaf control). I am not trying to get out of mowing its everyone in my area cuts grass for cash and its already a small town. have a few questions.

    about how much does it cost you to treat half an acre.

    How much h2o are you spraying per K. I know until I get good I should spray more. but about 2-3 seems to be about right.

    I only have a 1/2 ton. I was looking at GNC's site and the 200 gal space saver said min. truck is 1/2 ton. that a lot of weight in one but it might get me through the year.

    other than jd and GNC. who else makes good skids

    I don't have but a few yards that when i get my cert I know I have but I think it should be one thing that If I want it could take off.

    I'm only part time (full time fire fighter work 10-12 24 hr shifts a mo.) cut one long day a week with help, the other days is odd ball jobs mulch trimming and installs

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    Hope this helps some you need to call and get prices from a local co.

    Charles Cue
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    Try before you pry! I used to be on a dept, I liked the EMT side better than the fire. Thanks for your service.


    200 gal in a half ton puts you over weight by a lot. My advice is go with a granular fert program, get a lesco spreader and a 4 gallon back pack for spraying weeds. Once you build up some accounts look at buying a ride on spreader with a spray boom to do weed control. With a sprayer you cant do as much in a day and have to worry about reloading. It would be a lot easier for you to go the granular route. IMO

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