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beverly hills,fl
just started my own business 2 months ago<br>have 27 residential accounts and one commericial.<br>60&quot; gravely pm260<br>2 stihl stick trimmers<br>1 stihl edger<br>1 stihl backpack blower<br>2000 f150<br>6X12 trailer<p>just wondering what people thought and if their is anything that i should consider changing equipment wise.<br>looking for advertising ideas that are inexpensive but work<br>thought about door hangers<br>any and all ideas would be appreciated<p>----------<br>b&r lawncare<br>


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I wish i could start with a 2000 F150!But what i really want to know is how you got 27 customers signed in 2 months?<br>Dingo


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Im like Dingo , if you got 27 accounts in 2 months maybe you should gives us ideas.Other than that it sounds just like one of my crews, we take a couple of 21's just in case and we use Toro Z baggers instead of Gravelys.you are going to always pick up customers ,just learn to keep them and you will grow every month