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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bobnewguy, Jul 25, 2002.

  1. Bobnewguy

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    Hi to all: Well I have been reading all the threads and its great to see all the great advice everyone has. This site is fantastic!!
    From the past threads I see that most of you, all started out small or part time.I would love to start this type of business with my two sons. I aim tired of working for someone(big comp) where you know that staying there for 30yr till you retire is the easy way. I would rather put my future in my hands but at the same time it is very scary to think about giving up all the bennies,med,dent,stock plan,vac. But I belive that doing somthing you love,is more importent. Well I would like to here from any body that took that chance ( left a good paying job to get into the loc business.

    Thank you all, for your time Yours truly Bob :)
  2. keifer

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    Why dont you keep your job for a while. Run the paper end of the biz and let your to sons do the labor. when it gets going good throw yourself in the fray.
  3. Alan Bechard

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    The LCO in my case is actually the wife, I put in a lot of input, handle the mechanical end of things, drive the business forward a bit, but mostly I hold down the steady job that pays the bills when things are going poorly (drought 2 yrs back) and gives us some security, not to mention insurance, stock, 401 K and other assorted stuff that comes with a large company.

    I would strongly suggest keeping the job and setting up the boys, work with them closely and see some of the ups and downs that go along with this business before commiting all the way. You can be a lot more objective about things and a lot more picky on your clientelle if all of your income does not come from that one source.

    It is a great business though and if you have the aptitude and inclination to do this work, there is money to be made.

    Al B

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