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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by MartinsMowing, Dec 28, 2006.

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    You're essentially describing a loss leader--in short, every store offers a sale and then when you go looking for the product, they ran out...or whatever. BUT, because you're now in the store, you end up buying other things so they still win.

    If you do what you describe, there would be some percentage of people who would stay with you....even when you up the price. If you ask for a lot right away, there's sticker shock and they back out. Every customer has a price in their head that they are willing to pay--if you're close to that you got a chance...if not, take a hike.

    If you put a frog in luke warm water he's OK.... if you then increase the temp of the water slowly, he wont jump out. Keep increasing it till it's so hot he boils but he won't jump out.

    You're talking about marketing 101, but the big question is...what percent will stay with you as you up the price. The assumption is that you do great work and you dont increase too much or too fast. So, you get in at a low price, they get comfortable with you, then you start slowly raising the price. If anyone says this doesn't work they should drive down to the local Walmart who built a billion dollar business on this concept.

    BUT...remember, you're gonna pee off the customers that figure it out and they all have mouths. It's your reputation.

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    At 17, no, you don't know how much it would cost you to live on your own. Just the fact that you "think" you do proves it.

    Keep working at it and good luck
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    Dont jump to conclusions.. old people confuse me sometimes when i see how close minded they are there are alot of kids making money at young ages..

    I know a few people who have been living on there own since that age... ive been independent since birth grew up with nothing .. started paying bills at 14 when allowed to work... started paying real grownup bills at age of 20-21 and basically support my parents with my brother who are broke and getting old

    99% of my friends and kids in my town are the typical kids who dont pay for anything and cant wipe there ass without there mother.. but i also have alot of friends my age buying houses, driving cars as expensive as some of your houses making a serious living

    stop hating and you guys act like its impossible and that anyone under the age of 30 is a child and is just using mommy and daddies money
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    firefighter,freddyc, and JJLandscapes, thats for your posts. Congratulations on being some of the first CONSTRUCTIVE criticizers, i cant stand people that have to put you down to make their point.

    Anyway, Firefighter...thanks for the support. I definatly want to take my time with my bussines as i am determined to succeed, failure is not an option. Many new companys around here charge to little to be profitable and then they think well im getting so many customers and the bussiness balloons...then collapses. Thanks for the support in starting in this industry, my parents a far from thrilled. I guess its like one post that i read. Its one of those risks that people usualy steer away from becuase of potential catastrophy. In order for it to be accepted in this world of college and working for corparate america, you must succeed. Im going to do this not only for myself, but for my future family, and to show my parents that i can do this. Im sure it would be a lot easyer to work for some big company or someone else in general. But i want to be who i want to be, and if that means working twice as hard for the same quality of living, its going to be damn well worth it.

    Freddy, thanks for marketing advice, your right, this is how things are marketed today. what matters is the percent that will stay with you after you up the price. I was thinking of this idea to overcome the sticker shock, and only retain the better customers. How im thinking right now is, even if i only kept say 4 or 5 out of like 30 cleints, it would be well worth it to add 5 great clients to my route per year or so. If i were to go that route of marketing i would only raise my rates 2 to 3 times max per year.

    JJ, Well we have the same type of kids here. A bunch of moochers and lazy, "bored" people. I cant stand how they want this and that and constantly ask parents for money and dont even realize or appreciate how good they have it. I have never asked my parents for money, not once. If i wanted something i would figure out a way to earn the money so i could get what i wanted. Most everything that i know i have learned myself, my parents never really tought me any morals or manners, or how to be a good person. Although they have always involved me in fixing things or doing things that most people would just be like ehh whatever its good enough. I think thats what made me determined to succeed in anything that i do, and created the strong work ethic that i have. Sometimes i wish i was like the other kids though...mostly when i mow lawns all day and get home at about 8 or 9 and dont want to get out of the truck cuz i just want to keep on goin.

    sorry for the long post, i tend to be observant and quiet in person, but put me on a computer and ill write you a book.
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    I had the same problem (at first). My parents didnt really agree with my choice, they said it was a big chance I was taking. I put my last dollar into starting my company which isnt always a good thing, but I believed in what I was doing. I think in the long run must people would of giving up after a touch year (the first 2 years, were for me) but knowing I had alot riding on it (Money, reputation, Family respect) only pushed me harder and keep me going. Now my friends and family are believing in me more, and my parents are proud of me for fighting and working so hard for something I believe in.

    MartinsMowing - If you take your time and fight for what you believe in then you can do it dn your parents may not like it now, but in the future when you show them you can do it, they will be so proud of you.

    Remember----Landscapers can go to college to, LOL...Just in the off season.

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