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verona, NY
Hey guys i have been out of the lawn care field for about 5 years and i am trying to bid a few large commercial sites for steady income for my employees during the winter months. Plowing & lawn Care

I got out of this 5 years ago and we have been heavy in the hardscapes industry. We do around 1 million dollars with just hardscapes a year. But need to keep my employees year round to save me from training new ones every year.

bottom line question.... How the heck do i get a hold of whos in charge so i can submit my bids!! I keep getting the run around everytime i either call or go in person. Places i am talking about are Lowes, Hospitals, Walmart, Wegmans...etc...


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Just a 'for what its worth from a guy that doesnt do 1 mil/ year, but mows LOTS of lawns question',: Why would you concentrate on large commercials that are whored out to the cheapest bidder? and not put your guys to work on maintaining some of your better hardscapes customers' properties? You must have a good working relationship with some of these current customers to be doing over a mil/ year?