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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by trophytkr, Mar 2, 2002.

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    :) Ok guys this is what I've done so far to advertise my business. I figure here in Wisconsin that my season will start in about 4 weeks ok? This week I had business cards printed. I got magnetic signs on my truck advertising my business. I bought advertisement in our local paper (my town only has 3,000 people in it). They also offered an article in the paper on my new business. I have posters and business cards in 4 or 5 stores in town filling stations, vidio store Chiropractors office. After a couple of week I figure I'll know how i stand business wise in town. I have a bigger city 65,000 only 8 miles away so then I will advertise in that paper as well to drum up business. My question is an I forgetting something? With just starting out I may be missing something important,am I? Oh yea also got a business phone hooked up yesterdeay to an answering machine. As we speak we are in the middle of a blizzard expecting a foot or more of snow:mad: As always guys your input is invaluable, thanks!

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    Rick, without a shred of doubt you are going to have to venture over to Oshkosh to get enough work. Omro will not be able to supply you with enough work to survive, too small. Sounds like you have a pretty good start with the steps you took so far. You will learn alot along the way and by trial and error. Might think about plowing next winter also if you don't already. Good luck! :)
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    I think you should concentrate your efforts to the larger city 8 miles away. maybe a longer running, or larger add in that paper. I would hit that area with as many flyers as you can do or afford before you start clean-ups. Are there any more cities with a larger population around you?
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    You are definitely making moves in the right direction. But like the other guys said, I would head to the big town and hit it hard.:blob4:
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    I have found an EXCELLENT form of advertising that is definitely feasible for our type of work as well. There is a company that I have recently researched, and they are sending me some more info as well. This company advertises on the back of sales reciepts at grocery stores and major retailers like Kmart. I've always read the colorful ads on the backs of these reciepts because they are always augmented with coupons for the services and products advertised on them. These are really economical for the amount of people you reach. You can't TOUCH any other kind of advertising for this. It works well, because it is repeated to people who are say, for instance, regular shoppers, so your name rings a bell in their minds. Here's the beauty of it...- you actually TARGET the area you want to advertise in. I, for example, am going to hit a nice suburb of Flint, that is UMC, and the store I'm doing does about 70,000 shoppers a week. What's the cost of this? A mere 750 bucks for a twelve week ad. It is even payable in 3 installments if you wish. This outfit is an international, and the guy told me that they did enough strip last yeat to wrap around the earth like 5 times over. Anyway, to reach this many people in one particular area is DEFinitely something to look into. EsPECially for that kind of price. There was one landscaper (bigger co.) that did this last year for brick pavers, and they filled up in the first month their workload for the whole year. Just an idea. I don't have the name of the ad co. here in front of me, but I can get the 800 number and post it on here if anyone's interested.

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