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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by longislandlawn, Oct 22, 2012.

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    It seems like , I get am constantly the wrong type of customer. Most of my customers are in between doing there own property and hiring someone. Instead of someone who does not want to deal with there property all together and leaves to a landscaper to deal with. I am just frustrated because I will mow for the year and they do the fall cleanup and shrub trimming etc or I will do fall cleanups etc and not the mowing. Or they will hire me for like half the year
    to mow and then say I am done traveling for the year I don't need you anymore. How can I get some real loyal customers!
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    Where are you getting your customers?

    Remember that the people that are looking for LCO's are the ones that are always searching for the next lowest lowballer. Or they are the rejects that their LCO dropped them once they filled up their route with good customers.
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    This is a GREAT topic.......

    MAke your self a Business plan..... I'm NOT talking about a 35 page PROPER document. Just jot down soem notes and keep them handy as a reminder for yourself.

    TRY to look into the future about 1 year, then 2 years and so on......

    And YES. TARGET the customers you want..... you " And US ALL " need to figure out where we want to be, and the type of work we want to do.

    I have been in this game for Quite some time, and WERE NOT FOR EVERYONE.
    WE ARE VERY Expensive. and this year alone we have turned down over 50 Customers.

    SImply becasue of what they want, is NOT what we want.....

    IF I take my percised mowing machines and put them in a Field of tall weeds. then I will have to spend aroung 300.00 to get them back to mowing condishions that are required for Percised mowing that WE do, so I cant do this type of work.....

    And USE all of you know how. when talking to a customer, LISTEN TO THEM...

    PRESEND yourself, your company. and then SHUT UP.......
    they will tell you WAY TOO MUCH. and go with waht that little VOICE in your head tells you.

    LEarn to feel out people. and you too will be turning down people left and right in just a FEW short years.

    Best of luck to you
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    Yes, target the customers that you want. Do research to figure out where the higher income families live in your area and focus your attention on those areas of town and those homes. These people generally have the disposable income to pay for your services all year round. Also, pass out door hangers in these areas and drive people to your website to get instant online quotes. Many customers will go to your website to get these quotes and many will sign up for your services right on the spot. Go to to find out more on how to grow your business in the right areas of town. Our lawn company has been in business for the past 16 years and since we started using this method 3 years ago we have seen more Growth and have spent less money on fuel and time getting new customers.
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    Pick the customers you do have that are ideal for what you want and focus on them. Over the years I have grown and took on any customers when the price was right. Now I have been downsizing and choosing the customers that want me not just any company or a cheap price. Full maintenance etc
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    I dont know man, we get a few that still tool around in there garden or they trim on a bush but dont finish it..........leave a pile for us to clean up, when i see that I feel almost like they wanna be accepted as not a pro but no a total idiot about there yard, maybe feel like one of us????? I really dont care, we always fix the bush clean up and move on.
    If a customers wants us to mow every other time and they will edge, prune half, its not gonna happen.

    When people call I let them know we have 2 types of service
    weekly and full service.
    I also ask what they need done

    they almost always tell u exactly what it mowing keeping bushes trimmed, fert.....whatever.

    I always explain what they get.

    I can usually tell from the phone if we are what they need.

    Good luck man.

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