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    My few accounts have grown past the family now and i want to make sure i get things set up legally. What kind of insurance do i need and how do i go about getting a business liscence? I live in ohio if that makes a difference.
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    YOu will need to do research in YOUR state and COUNTY's and citys....

    Some require it some dont......

    as far as insurance, talk to several insurance comapnys. DONT go with the 1st one.... you shoule get inland marine, and have your truck covered as commericial.
    If you plan on going for comericial accounts get at least 1 million worth of insurance.

    For me, covering things like weedeaters. hedge trimmers blowers " hand tools " was not an option.... I replce these items offten, SURE it hurts if all your trimmers disapear one day..... BUT DO THE MATH..... it may work for you.....

    by all means MAKE THE INUSRANCE COMPANYS WORK FOR YOU....... take several bids, and write down all the what if's and ask them about it........

    I had one insurance CO. tell me that if a guy was cutting on a ZTR, then discovered it needed fuel, and he took it to the truck, spilled fule on engine and caught fire, that they WOULD NOT cover this........


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