Getting tired of low ballers!

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by berrlawn, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. Southern Pride

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    What! I would be soo mad if after I bought my 36, I couldn't even get it in any backyards! Atleast you have a 32 right? I really want to get a 48" ztr. I could use it front and back on alot of properties but to be honest I don't see how I would make better times because I have one guy doing all the weedeating and edging. We always finish at the same time. Most of the time im just finishing up mowing while he has everything blown off, so all I have to do is mow :cool2:

    I know at some point I will need a 48" ztr but I've been looking at the turf tracers and those looks awesome!

    Unrelated: But I have seen videos where the turf tracer has an instant reverse, no stopping and manually putting it in reverse. I think that is awesome. Could anyone verify this for me or explain how it works with ECS controls?
  2. bradseabridge

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    I don't know about the turf tracer but I'm pretty sure that Dixie mowers have instant reverse.

    Also before I buy any mower, I measure all the gates in every yard on my route to make sure I can get a new mower in. I was gonna get the 40in Grand Stand but I heard the deck is crap and clogs all the time, so the 36 is perfect. No more walking, I'll still be keeping the 32 as a back up and for that one pesky gate, It's so small the 32 BARELY squeezes in.

    Edit: the turf tracer is a WALK BEHIND.. oops haha I don't like eXmark all the much I'm a Toro and a Husqy fan.
  3. Southern Pride

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    Yeah the turf tracer is a walk behind. With instant reverse and a velke you could do all the manuevers a lazer Z could. It just caught my attention. I wasn't aware that any walk behinds had instant reverse before the grandstand came out. Anyone who knows about the turftracer fill me in.

    How can you not like eXmark? :nono: It is one of the top 3 commercial brand. Have you ever used one? Bad experience?
  4. bradseabridge

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    Not a fan of eXmark because I've never used one, we don't even have an eX dealer around me no one uses them. We have Kubota, Scag, Toro, and a husqy here and there.
  5. Southern Pride

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    I figured that was why.

    Use one if you ever get the chance. If you like Toro, you will love Exmark. LOL, no they are not paying me to say that.
  6. dgclca

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    I understand what your saying,The same thing happened to me, But just give it some time and they will eventually call you to do the job, ive been getting alot of customers that really love there lawns and thats a plus cus you know if you do a good job they wont get rid of you.
  7. lawnboylova

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    but high ballers also get me mad "im like 60 dollars for that come on" its hard to get a mowing job cause people think "why bother highering a mowing company there just gonna charge me to much" 60 bucks for a 1/4th acre lot is too much people wont pay that
  8. Eden Lawns

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    I'm new at this but have already found customers who have been paying the same amount for lawncare for years. Meanwhile gas prices have gone up, equipment and maintenence costs have gone up and (good) labor has gone up. There's not another industry in the world that makes excuses for their gradual price increases. Lowballers are a cancer, and may eventually go away, but another one is out there replacing him. I'd rather have a handfull of good paying customers than a ton of low-dollar, money-losing accounts.
  9. clydebusa

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    Your are correct!
  10. rwaters

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    you will always have lowballers, in fact anyone who has been in another line of business is in the same problem. hell if anyone who buys their equipment online is shopping at a lowballer. Face it you can cut lawns with low investment maybe not well but you can do it. Most of the low ballers I see sooner or later go out due to the fact they forget to budget for repairs on equipment but it will always be a revolving door with new ones starting up.

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