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  1. hey guys last week i recevied a faxed invitation to bid several low income housing apartments. I took a look at them the following day and thay were spread out all over the place some 2hrs away (22-30acres).I do not have the man power or the equipment to do this bid high I thought,cath it next season when i might have more working capital. but yesterday i recived a call asking for my proof of insuranc and w/c so i faxed every thing over and thay sent me a sighn contract with a start date of the 1st. how am i going toget the equipment and the man power with out enought capitail.
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    Why bid on something you can't handle quite yet?

    Take the contract to a bank and get a loan...
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    Well first of all, your LONG NAME messes up my screen positions. Now that that is out of the way, you should only bid on properties that you can handle. This is why bids aren't renewed for established companies unlike yours. Commercials are all in the name of lowest bid, usually.... You must have seriously UNDERBID this contract and they are taking advantage of this/YOU! DONT sign it if you cant handle it! I dont mean to sound harsh, but I have been out bid by several newcomers on commercial properties. They get a different company every year. YES I was a newcomer the first year, but after 5 years, I lost the bid to a VERY low bidder. It has since been awarded for 5 yrs to a new company every year since. I just dont understand.?

    Sorry to come on so hard ALLSIDES, dont take it personally, you just hit a nerve.

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    Now you have a problem. I am starting new this year and never even considered bidding properties like that. Like others here said, you were the low bidder and that is why you got the job. You should decline the job but any way you do it you are going to look silly for even getting into that situation. Maybe tell them that things are going crazy with spring just around the corner and you filled up your schedule before they got back to you and you will have to decline the work and tell them thank you and sorry for any inconvenience. Just a thought! :)
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    "low income housing apartments" (I've heard that term before somewhere......I think) If any are near my area, I'll tell you which one's to stay out of (for safety reasons) Hate to see you lose new equiptment, and see any more homosides on the news. Good luck neighbor

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    Get to subbin' these things out!
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    I hope you included trash pickup in your bids. You will have alot of that and it may take more time than the actual cutting. Hope you also included gang pass fees and bullet proof vest in you contract. Dont sign it man, just by asking this question shows you in over your head
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    (You got that right Charles).....Trash alone wouldn't make it worth it.....much less HEALTH ISSUES! NO future in it.
  9. Any what's wrong with spending hours picking up used syringes, crack vials, and smack wrappers.

    One needs to look at the "fringe' benefits of this job.

    There are lots of good cheap dope and sex at every jobsite.

    What more could a contractor want?
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