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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Midlo Snow Maker, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. Midlo Snow Maker

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    been awhile how's everyone doing?

    found a leak on a 25-30 year old commercial site thought it was a tee leading to an island tip in the parking lot. we started digging and found a head that has not been seen in years, a root had grown over top of the head and no water would show up at all. this leak had to be one of the worst root infested ones i have repaired in a long while.

    here is the start of it

    and the roots begin to pile up


    well look what we found







    and here is a new job i picked up nice hat this grass is living on top of this head, i also found a rotor 10' in a pond[​IMG]



    came across this the other day too lol

  2. Waterit

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    Great pics, Midlo. Awesome root growth, too. Maybe if you lined the area around the head with some vinyl siding...

    rainswitch installer = :hammerhead:
  3. lowvolumejeff

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    Love the "rotor cap"

  4. Waterit

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    Seems I remember one of the mfrs. (Hardie?) had a rotor back in the early or mid 80's that featured a cup on top of the head that would hold a plug of grass. Another stupid sprinkler idea.

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    You are not outside the dripline. That tree is dead. Did you sanitize your shooters to avoid introducing pathogens into the root system?:) Haven't seen you in a while. Might want to let our newer posters know why you go by Midlo snow maker.
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  7. Waterit

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    Please do...
  8. DanaMac

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    Every year I consider buying one of those....... even if I just use it at my house
  9. WalkGood

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    That's to water the pond grasses.

  10. Dripit good

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    Count me in as curious.

    Based on his avatar, location and DanaMacs comment my guess would be he is the coolest dude (according to the neighborhood kids) by owning a snow making machine!

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