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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by Precision, Apr 24, 2004.

  1. Precision

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    Let's say you were starting an organic program for your clients. Something you could offer as an alternative to synthetic fert programs. How would you go about setting it up? Same basic schedule as your synthetic application just a bit earlier with each application.

    Where would you go about getting the components like CGM, Milorganites and all the other stuff without buying the 1 lb bags at Lowes.

    thanks for your help.
  2. TurfProSTL

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    How many applications per season? Do you want to be organic-based or chemical-free? There are alot of sources for organic-based products that are more cost effective than the retail stuff.....
  3. Precision

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    TurfPro STL

    I am looking to provide 5 applications

    early March High N and pre emerge

    early May Med N

    Early July Low N and mature compost to add microbes and
    aid in moisture retention

    Early Sept High N

    Early Nov Med N and mature compost top dressed

    Remember I am in Central Florida and we grow from late march to mid november.

    I am not opposed to using synthetics for weed and bug control at the beginning but want to shift each lawn to fully organic once they get stronger. No synthetic fert. I am looking for help with where to buy pre emergent, and weed control items as well as ferts other than milorganites. Not that I dislike that but not all clients are cool with that.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
  4. TurfProSTL

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    Your growing season is surprisingly similar to ours (for our cool-season turf).

    (1) MARCH
    For your spring application with pre-emergent, I might recommend you look for the product Hamon mentioned in another thread:
    15-1-10 w/ .1% Dimension (distributed by Prosource One, mfr by Award)

    (2) I used Nutrients Plus products for all but the March application this past year (On the spring application, I used synthetic to get a cost-effective pre-emergent/fert combination down).

    Based on your specified needs, I might recommend these:

    6-2-4 (40% WIN, 50% OM)

    4-3-1 (70% WIN, 55% OM)

    16-2-3 (60% CRN, 40% OM)

    4-3-2 (50% WIN, 50% OM)

    (3) Apply broadleaf weed controls as needed and insect controls on an IPM basis.
  5. please define sythetic, since it means many different things to different people!

    Would you use sop?
  6. JethroBodine

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    How many Lbs per M are you recommending on each application?
  7. TurfProSTL

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    OK, after looking at the rate of Dimension in the 15-1-10 w/ .1% Dimension, I would do 2 (split) applications, instead of one, to apply an adequate amount of pre-emergent for Florida:

    15-1-10 w/.1% Dimension 5.0 lb/M .75 - .05 - .50 - 2.0(?) OM

    15-1-10 w/.1% Dimension 3.6 lb/M .54 - .04 - .36 - 1.4(?) OM

    4-3-1 (70% WIN, 55% OM) 12.0 lb/M .48 - .36 - .12 - 6.6 OM

    16-2-3 (60% CRN, 40% OM) 6.0 lb/M .96 - .12 - .18 - 2.4 OM

    4-3-2 (50% WIN, 50% OM) 12.0 lb/M .48 - .36 - .24 - 6.0 OM

    TOTALS: 3.2 - 0.9 - 1.4 - 18.4 OM
  8. I don't think 3.2 lbs/m is enough for florida, and what grass are you growing?

    what is your thought ric?
  9. Ric

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    University of Florida give recommend N rates for all popular turfs in Florida. They also list these as North and South Florida rates, and Highly maintained rate and Moderate maintained rates. So in North Florida the rate would depend on the Level of maintenance desired and the turf species. Now I guess from this answer you might think I am a politician. :D

    The most popular grass species I see on total organic treated yards is Digitaria. 3.2 lbs N per thousand per year with lots of good irrigation or rain fall will cause this species to be extremely dark green all summer long. This specie can be established from seed and is very insect resistance. The seeds are in fact viable for up to 15 years. :D :D
  10. How much n for bermunda in florida for moderate level of maintanence?

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