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Getting Weed App Lic in TEXAS???


LawnSite Senior Member
I want to get my applicators lic. and im located just north of dallas, tx.
1. Who do I contact about it?
2. What does it cost?
3. How long does it take to get the lic?


LawnSite Silver Member
Do a search for the TDA. Or google, applicators licensing in Texas. You will need proof of liability insurance and it will cost a couple hundred dollars by the time you get done buying the study materials and paying for the exams. I'm not a licensed applicator but I have researched it before. Just do a quick google search and you should find all the info you need from the state website.
Just call your local county extension office.
They have all of the poop necessary to explain what to do.
Unless you want to do structural pest control simply explain to the gomer on the phone you need info on the TDA license category 3A which is Turf and Ornamental.
Once you have the 3A then you can test for all of the different categories.

Turf Dawg

LawnSite Gold Member
You will need the study material which is three books Laws and Regulations, General applicators and Turf and Ornamental. If I remember, these are around 65 bucks.

You will need to take the test for the three books, the laws test and the generals test are free and the category test is 24 bucks pass or fail. You do have to pass the laws and the general before you can test for the category.

If you pass your 250 questions, then they give you your application papers. You will have to send proof of insurance and 180 bucks, then you should receive you license in 4-6 weeks. It will be 180 a year plus what you have to pay for the CEU's each year.

If you are serious about this, shoot me a PM and I can give you the email address from someone with the Texas Agri-Life Extension. They teach a class that is great and cover the three books and included in the price of the class is the books.