getting worried about my advertising tactics....

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by georgialawn88, Feb 13, 2013.

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    most people would respond back to this with a smarta$$ remark, but im not going too.

    you stated you have been doing pressure washing for 8yrs or so. and the your first post was worded made it seem now this year you decided to do lawn apps. Do you do lawn maintenance or just pressurewashing/lawn apps. you problem may be the whole pressure washing company advertising lawn apps. people are going to be really sceptical even though your are licensed.

    When it comes to advertising, its all about name/brand recognition. you have to advertise to the same areas multiple times inorder to getthe most effective return rate. plus timing is always key. i had my first batch of EDDM postcards delivered three weeks ago, since dlivery ive gotten over 10 calls, but now today is the day after Mardi Gras(i live near New Orleans) and the holiday time is over. ive gotten 7calls today alone. so now people are starting to worry about their yards. give it time. maybe next week go hit those same houses again. Ive had people hang on to fliers/door hangers for over 2yrs.

    if you have any questions, i would be more than happy to give my advice.
    Maybe post of a pic of your postcard.
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    its actually 2 seperate businesses. 2 diff phone numbers due to what u just said. when i advertise for yards nothing else is on my post card but yards. no pw is talked about because i do know how people think. i got my first call today. im up to 14 yards now. i know it will come with time. i was just curious to what percentage people have gotten going door to door and listing their price. i figured it would be alittle more than what i have. but its only been 3 days so we will see. but yes i agree people think pw and lawns dont go well together thats why it is set up as 2 diff businesses. itll come w time just kinda scratching my head and wanted to see other peoples advertising tactics for this industry. sorry for the smart comment i just felt like you were insulting me. :drinkup:

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